Michael Buble at the O2

I’ve been to a my fair share of rock concerts, and I’d just like to say, none of them had fans as mental as Michael Buble’s. I ran out of North Greenwich station to get as far away from a gang of menopausal women shouting “GET YER TITS OOT” then watched Security drag hysterical drunken ladies out of their seats all evening. It made the Kings of Leon gig I had been to the month before look tame. Going to see Buble was a lovely little surprise from my uncle who couldn’t make the show, and I’ll admit I went expecting an evening of easy listening and arm waving. Wrong- Michael Buble is a flipping ROCK STAR. The guy is a comedy genius! And towards the end…little paper heart bombs onto the audience as he sang acapella motown hits. Well done Bubbles, I was impressed.

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As my 140 character Twitter profile says- I’m a London living, home design loving, red shoe wearing, gig going, Barefoot Contessa cooking, DIY walking disaster. A silly old bean (ok, so slightly more than 140)

I grew up on a little island called Borneo, surrounded by monkeys, purple buses and beaches. It was nice.

In 2001, I moved to a little city called London for Uni and never left. It’s almost the same except pigeons have replaced monkeys, the buses are red and beaches…well, sometimes I see sand when the Thames is at low tide. So really, you can see why I feel at home here.

I live in North London with this dude called Robin and a our gremlins, Pepper & Fat Louie. I say dude and man alot, like I’m the secret lovechild of Jeff Bridges or Matthew McConaughey. I like writing, hence starting this blog after alot of ummming and ahhhing, peppered with a few dudes and mans. Simply put:

If you never did you should. These things are fun and fun is good- Dr Seuss

If you like baking, or cooking, going to gigs, losing yourself in a book, shopping (online) and dream of a beautiful Anthropologie worthy home, maybe you’ll like this place too. Fun is good!