faq’s (& a disclaimer)


Where are you from?

This is the hardest question for me to answer whenever I am asked. The gist of it is- and this where people’s eyes glaze over when they realise they’re in for a story– my Dad is English, my Mum is Malaysian, his work was based in the Far East, so I grew up in a country called Brunei, and I loved it so much I stayed as long as I could until one day it was time for university and I ended up…in London.

Why London?

Brunei, where I lived for most of my life, was very small town and my school was full of expat kids from all over the world. It was a kind and safe little world. When I visited England during school holidays, no one could get their heads around me being a mixed race kid with a crazy accent- I felt like a fish out of water. Everywhere, that is, except London, where to be honest, you could walk around painted green or with three heads and no one would bat an eyelid. It’s the whole world in a little bubble and I felt very at home within that.

What camera do you use?

I used to have a Canon EOS 100D, usually shooting with a 55mm lens but this was stolen recently. I’ve since upgraded to a Canon 200D, which should arrive this week. I’ll let you know how it goes! When I’m on the go I always use my iPhone 7- most of my life lately posts tend to be snapshots from my phone.

Why is it called The Awkward Blog?

I went with the name because at the time, I didn’t realise ‘lifestyle’ blogging was a thing. I didn’t want to focus on just food, or fashion or whatnot. It was just an awkward little thing without a genre! Plus it was also a nod at my own clumsiness and occasional social ineptitude (as in, do I shake  your hand? Do I kiss you on the cheek? weird hug? oh whoops, too late. Story of my life)

What work did you do before the blog?

I have worked *takes deep breath* in TV production where I handled football wags and other such great talent, post production where I handled TV editors who hadn’t seen daylight in a while, a big animal welfare charity where I didn’t meet Paul O’Grady but I certainly got to know and deal with all the wonderful staff and animals, and then most recently, a big old advertising agency in Golden Square where every Thursday was bar night. To be honest, every night was bar night. I don’t count the time I dabbled in retail at Urban Outfitters straight after uni or the time I sold wet suits to people in Covent Garden (although I did sell some ski boots to Mr Weasley)

Who is Robin?

That’s my husband! He sometimes takes my pictures when he isn’t at work or doing the sporting things. Can be found in Shoreditch mostly sending me links to cat videos.

Do you monetise your blog?

Okay, so, DISCLAIMER ALERT. Through the occasional sponsored post and affiliate links, I do earn a little bit of pocket money. An affiliate link means that if I link to an item and you as a reader click on it, I can can earn a tiny commission from that click through or subsequent purchase. It costs nothing to you, but every little helps towards running this blog! (eg domain and hosting costs, plugin purchases, and monthly Adobe memberships)


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