Hello from Tenerife

Just a little snap shot of my Tenerife trip so far! We’ve had tapas by the sea and a dip in the ocean, we’ve walked along the coast and seen hundreds of little rock stacks, we’ve been up the mountains in the desert, we’ve been water babies and barbecuing and every night has been Movie Night.

I am also ridiculously sunburnt. Despite slapping on factor 50, my shoulders and face are what can only be described as burnt orange. I sit here now with my 6 year old niece’s After Sun foam spray for Kids slathered all over me. My face feels so tight I’m amazed I can close my eyes. All in the name of Tropical Beauty!

We fly home on Thursday and I can’t wait to show you the photos my ridiculously talented sister has taken.

In the mean time, I’m off to face plant some aloe vera.