Pregnancy Diary | Weeks 26-29

Hear that? That strange popping sound, like someone just cracked their knuckle? Oh, wait that’s coming from me. FROM WITHIN ME. Google tells me this is fine and normal in pregnancy and nobody can agree if it’s the ligaments popping and stretching from baby’s (much stronger) kicks or air bubbles or *shudder* baby’s own joints. Excuse me whilst I nip to the loo for the umpteenth time today. Snowmageddon has finally hit London and I’m going stir crazy being cooped up inside. No wonder my baby’s kicks are getting stronger and stronger- she’s probably feeling the same. Welcome to the third trimester, it’s a weird and wacky little place to be! 


The grumpiness I felt in the previous week has worn off, so there’s that going for me right now. I’m still super uncomfortable carrying sideways baby and have gotten into the swing of counting her kicks every night. Sometimes, I hit 10 kicks in 4 minutes. A few times, in half an hour. Like her mumma, I suppose the mood to exercise comes and goes.

My baby app tells me she’s like the size of a cabbage or something. Whatever, I’m sure a cabbage would feel more comfortable in my belly.


I make an appointment for a maternity massage at the Cowshed (see post here) and for an hour, those aches and pains are blissfully gone. I can’t help but notice that I’m that person that everyone now does that fast overtaking on the pavement thing, that I used to do when confronted by a slow walker. My hormones, those mad little things, make me want to do a cry like I’m in last place in the relay race on Sports Day. I’m not slow, I promise! I am still an Olympic paced fast walker like any seasoned Londoner!


Another week, a new midwife appointment and OFFICIALLY in the third trimester now. Before my checkup, me and Robin head to Harley Street to get our 4D baby scan. IT IS AMAZING. So far, his nose, my lips. She’s definitely been spared the Bowron chin (‘affectionately’ known as the meat sack) 

Afterwards, I head to the hospital because the Children’s Centre where I normally have my check up’s is closed at half term. A student midwife joins us and I grill her about nursing and what she’s seen on the labour wards so far. She’s nice, I like her and then wonder if she’ll be the one to see my vajajay come Delivery Day. Everything measures fine and dandy- I get an Uber home and spend the journey listening to the driver’s Grime mixtape. I’m definitely not into it- end up giving him 5 stars anyway.


Aka, the week of all the tears.

I cry at Queer Eye on Netflix and genuinely feel like the Fab Five could bring about world peace. I cry in the shower because I can’t comfortably shave my legs anymore. I’m not sure I can even see my legs anymore, over this baby bump which has suddenly BLOOMED. I hear popping noises coming from WITHIN my bump. A quick google later tells me this is either my ligaments popping from baby karate kicks or air bubbles. Umm, that’s nice?

Napping like a beast again, which usually means me/baby/bump are going through a growth spurt. Getting in and out of bed means lots of grunting and loud ‘oofs’. I’m also popping Rennie’s like they’re sweets because the heartburn is reaaaal.


AND HERE WE ARE NOW! A bonus week catchup.

I hit a bit of a panic at 30 weeks. Anytime from 37 weeks is classed as full term and there’s so much to do and I feel like I’m herding cats trying to get things organised. Not to mention, I FEEL HUGE and my energy levels have definitely dropped.

A bout of lurgy that I’m still trying to throw off has stopped me from doing pretty much anything apart from cough for the better part of a week. Yesterday, I finally managed to finish painting the nursery wall (if there was a paint colour that I could swim in, it’d be Calamine from Farrow and Ball)

My mum came over the other day and brought with her a V shaped pillow that I’ve been attached to ever since. It’s the comfiest thing ever- just the right amount of softness and firmness- and helps me to sleep. At this point in pregnancy, sleep is hard! Gone are the days of closing my eyes and drifting off. I think it’s starting to affect my sanity and most definitely my patience.

And so, I’m sat up in my little sick bay cocoon on the sofa watching the snow fall outside. It’s nice and calming and I feel like I’m in the middle of a snow globe. Here’s to defeating this horrible bug and getting shit done, stat!

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

2 thoughts on “Pregnancy Diary | Weeks 26-29”

  1. OK, I thought I was pretty prepared for pregnancy and all the little bits of bobs that come with growing a human but I did NOT know that your bump would make those sounds! That’s some freaky alien-growing stuff right there.

    I feel like saying good luck?

    Mel ✨


  2. I learn something new every week! I’m starting to discover the tips and tricks of post-partum recovery too, thanks to getting my hospital bag together- it’s a whoooole other world!


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