The one where I ramble on a Saturday morning

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]uring one of the eleventy million times I woke up throughout the night, I discovered my littlest cat had jumped up on the bed and had decided to have a sleepover with us. Right smack bang in between us two, but most especially- right next to me. Cue me, spending the rest of the night not only being woken up by baby kicks to the bladder but by trying to achieve Mission Impossible style levels of stealth to slither in and out of bed without waking the cat.

I don’t even worry about waking up Robin on a regular night, just so you know.

But Angela, it’s just a cat! Hah. If you’ve ever wronged a cat, you know one injured look from it is a stab through the heart.

Anyway, didn’t mean to write a post about my cat. In fact, I’m just sat here on the floor, eating a banana and a decaf coffee, wishing I hadn’t binge watched all episodes of the new Queer Eye series on Netflix. If you need some sunshine and a kick up the bum in your life, watch it. I love the new Fab 5 by the way, so if you used to watch the original Queer Eye- don’t worry. The new team are just as wonderful (if not, maybe even more so)

This morning, I discovered my maternity dungarees sitting in the back of the cupboard. They were the first maternity anything that I bought not long after discovering I was pregnant- except they were way too big. But this morning, I decided to embrace my egg cup shape and put them on and…and I look like a real pregnant lady now. Like, cute and round and not the cute and sassy my old non maternity ones made me feel.

I’ve got a fair bit going on next week- a pregnancy massage and a 4D baby scan. For me, any trips on the tube going into town is ‘a lot on’ because this bump is getting to be hard work to lug around. When I get home after a long day, everything down there feels like I’ve been wearing a pair of metal knickers and kicked in the crotch several times. No one tells you about this, so here I am now, telling you this.

Next week, I’m officially in the third and final trimester which has meant that this week, I have been so incredibly irritable and annoyed at well…everything. Life. I’ve shed tears and wanted to shout but I couldn’t tell you why now…my mind’s gone blank. I told off my upstairs neighbour for stomping on the stairs. I told off my next door neighbour for his loud music. I mean, I guess it’s all Mum practice, eh?

Oh, last night I won £6 on the Euro Millions. Drinks are on me kids.


Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

2 thoughts on “The one where I ramble on a Saturday morning”

  1. I am discovering so many pregnancy things that no-one ever mentions, and then thinking I am a freak, but as soon as I Google them, realising it’s so common. Why does no-one actually warn us about these things though?! The restless legs, the painful kicks, especially the ones to the bladder where you’re not entirely sure if you will wet yourself or not. I also keep getting this horrible back ache where the only solution is to leave over the back of the sofa or over my exercise ball,, sort of on all fours. Living my most glamorous life right now! 🙂


  2. I think it’s one of those things that you forget about when baby arrives. I feel you on the backache! I’ve found stretching it out on four legs in the cat-cow position helpful in relieving it though! I find being out of breath for the slightest thing really weird too, like all I did was walk from the bedroom to the bathroom, not climb a hill! And considering two trips to the bathroom in one night a ‘well rested’ one instead of the usual five or six! I remember thinking god, i knew I’d have to go a lot but surely not this much! I hear too often how pregnancy is a wonderful time but in reality it’s bloody weird! haha! x


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