Tea & Toast


[dropcap]A[/dropcap]t 6:30am this morning- boom, boom, boom. My neighbour, the one who lives upstairs with a herd of elephants, leaves the house and slams the front door. I’m now wide awake and silently cursing her. I sit up in bed, not quite ready to leave the warmth of the duvet pondering if I should try and get back to sleep. The bin men come soon after, banging the street’s wheelie bins about. It’s our house that they stop outside of to argue about whether or not to pick up the garden waste bags.

Clearly, I was not meant to sleep any further so I get up just as Robin’s alarm clock chimes out.

I’ve always been a little prone to bouts of insomnia, but at this time in pregnancy…oof it’s returned with a vengeance. I toss and turn late into the night, getting up to pee every couple of hours and then find myself blinking awake at the crack of dawn. As someone who just isn’t a morning person, I actually like it when I am up and functional at this hour. The world is waking up, kettles are boiling, slices of bread are toasting, people are up and ready to go about their day. I like the routine and busy hum as the world wakes up.

Toast. My belly definitely wants some toast right now.  Two pieces of medium cut bread that I can’t wait to slather in butter and jam. We don’t have a toaster. I know! What the what?! Basic kitchen appliance. We have a waste disposal and a boiling water tap, but god forbid you want a tasty toast snack which means heating up the grill and waiting a long….long…long 5 minutes for it to toast Warburton’s finest.

As the bread starts to turn a golden brown, I quickly throw a teabag into a mug.

Tea without sugar is actually nice.  This baby does not have a sweet tooth- another sign that she clearly takes after her dad already.

“Alexa, turn on Heart radio” 

In my old office, I’d switch on Radio One in the morning to let Grimmy shout me awake with some awful auto tuned playlist but at home, Heart FM’s ear friendly cheesiness is the one.

I sip my tea. I watch the sky outside get brighter. I feed one cat and let the other one out to (probably) terrorise next door’s vegetable patch. I think about the tube, already packed with commuters. I pat my belly, glad baby is tucked up cosy in there.

Good morning Friday. I hope you’re a good one today.


Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

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