Merry and Bright and Braxton Hicks

[dropcap]C[/dropcap]hristmas 2017, over and out. I hope yours was full of merriness and brightness and even if it wasn’t, that’s okay too. I like this inbetween period- that weird limbo when Christmas is over but you’re still at home alternating between the Quality Street and Celebration tubs. My Christmas Day was nice despite burning myself on the oven tray twice and risking a vomathon trying to ensure I ate a morsel each of Christmas dinner into my squashed stomach.Even though Christmas is great on the day, I think it’s the run up and this limbo period afterwards that I enjoy. The time spent with family, the fact that everyone kind of switches off from the rat race to wear paper hats all day over three kinds of pudding. Boxing Day was Christmas Day 2 with the whole family- although instead of a walk through the field and by the river like every year before, I was napping on my sister’s sofa because 1) Braxton Hicks decided that day was the day it wanted to shout hello and 2) it was raining heavily.

So pregnancy. I am so thankful we’re having a baby but man. Man. Pregnancy is hard. When you hear that before you’re pregnant, you’re just like okay sure. But no. I am grabbing you by the shoulders here and eyeballing you to say pregnancy is hard. My husband had to tie up my shoelaces the other day because I couldn’t bend down properly to do it myself. I mean, I can bend down, but suddenly I feel like I’m squeezing every organ and baby inside of me including my lungs and oh please just do it for me instead please?  Sneezing is a deadly game of is my pelvic floor ready for this or not? Your back hurts and you’re not sure why, walking 10 steps will have you breathing like a little hobgoblin, and you will no longer be able to blame your other half for using up all the loo roll because guess what, yes it’s you that’s the culprit now. And this is all after you’ve spent weeks wanting to throw up all day. I can’t believe my mother did this four times. FOUR. What a nutcase.

Everyone is rounding up their year, and it’s usually something I do too- but I don’t know, how do I sum up 2017? The beginning of big change? Everything we did or every trip we went on, always had an air of ‘is this it, the last of just us two?’ (at least for me anyway, I’m sure Robin would side eye)

But now next year two will become three at long last, and I have no doubt that life will be thrown upside down for a while; I am A-OK with that.

Happy New Year everyone x


Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

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