Christmas Insomnia, sort of


[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he perks of having a husband that is away is that there is no one there to badger me (rightfully so) into bed at a normal hour SO for one night only, here I am, blogging late into the night. It’s a nice little change- I’ve got Magic Christmas radio on and a hot water bottle to soothe my backache. Not from years of sitting with poor posture, no no, but from a baby that I suspect is using my spine to practice dancing on. Today I hit the 20th week of pregnancy, which means we’re at the half way point already.  Strangely, all I ever seem to find to watch on telly these days is One Born Every Minute, which I shouldn’t because I now find that show terrifying. Ten people looking at my vagina, fine, but please please please don’t let me poop myself in the delivery room.

I found myself breaking out a mop and bucket today. I vacuumed. I Cillit Banged the shit out of the bathroom. I wiped every smudge and crumb from the kitchen countertops and even gave the fridge a clean. Is this a pregnancy thing? I just wanted everything almost clinically clean and I wasn’t even expecting anyone to visit- except for Eddy the Ocado delivery driver who wouldn’t let me carry the bags in because I was pregnant. Now I know for sure that I am definitely with baby, if everyone else can see it now (unless you’re on the tube, because you magically become invisible on the tube)

Things I have googled recently:

“Can sitting curled up hurt the baby”

“How do I save a Christmas tree”

“Why is James Corden everywhere”

Apparently I wasn’t the only one as Twitter was thinking this too.

Blogging disclosure…things are about to get very wordy around here. I know not everyone likes a wordy blog, but after three months of morning sickness and with my current energy levels like that of a sloth, I’m just not getting out and about like I used to so I don’t have much to show and tell at the moment. Also, tiny bladder.

Maybe I’ll perk up in January, but I’m quite happy to snuggle down at home with my box of Quality Street, cats, and drinking decaf out of a reindeer mug.

Here are some bump shots (weeks 15, 17 and 19) – you can even follow along on Insta Stories, where I will regale you with fun facts such as at 17 weeks I was glad to discover that my baby was starting to create it’s own poop called meconium in there. This evening I wore a face mask that made me look like a killer whale. There are often cats in shot. Insta Stories– it’s all happening there I tell you.

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

4 thoughts on “Christmas Insomnia, sort of”

  1. thanks Amanda! It’s been so weird but wonderful watching the bump grow- I don’t even mind when people want to touch it! As for One Born Every Minute, it’s such car crash viewing, I can’t look away! But 100% it’s contributed to my worry and fear about delivery day. X


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