The big, bad world of Maternity wear & everything but nothing

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]’m at the awkward stage of pregnancy where my normal clothes don’t really fit me properly and yet, I’m not big enough to fit into the maternity clothes I have bought. As I write this out, my belly is hanging out over my once baggy jogging bottoms and my t shirt won’t fit over said belly. I feel like a Roald Dahl character that ate too many Wotsits. I’m living in maternity leggings and a handful of t shirts and jumpers that are long enough to cover my growing bump…it turns out, maternity wear- sparse on the cute and cool front!

The other day, after my midwife appointment (where she told me that baby was very active) I headed to the nearest shops and stopped off inside Asda to find a reindeer mug, as you do. The reindeer mug was a failed mission, but, I did treat myself to a pom pom jumper for £16. I sized up so that my growing bump had a chance of still being able to wear it throughout Winter- please to see it here if you would like. Beware of cats that want to chew the pom poms off.

As I was starting to come out the other side of the not so wonderful bubble of morning sickness, I only went and caught the bloody flu. I was in bed for three days and a whopping 10 days later, I still wasn’t fully over it. I was over it though. Robin was on a work trip and I felt so completely miserable and sorry for myself and cursing that of course I caught the flu a week shy of wanting to get the flu jab. Now I’m 16 weeks (or four months) along, and my flu jab is booked for tomorrow. I’m kind of worried it’ll make me feel poorly, because I have no time to be ill again.

Over the weekend, Robin and I found ourselves house hunting- accidentally. We aren’t actively looking for a new home to move to, but there was one house on the market that had been reduced- so a viewing was booked to see what was up. Estate agents being what they are, booked us in to see two other houses (which were dumps). And that’s how we spent our Saturday, accidentally house hunting. The house was lovely, but we discovered the reason it was reduced and still on the market a month later- the garden had been treated for Japanese Knotweed, which is the worst kind of fast growing weedy plant that costs thousands to get rid of and is known to cause structural damage. Ah London. You and your mythical property searches.

There’s a local farmers market every Sunday in our area, and the baked goods stall has started selling mulled wine and mince pies. I could only breathe in the heavenly scent of the mulled wine but the mince pies I could get on board with. I saved it for an after dinner treat…it was pretty heavy on the spices but it was my first taste of festiveness and now, hurry up December so I can legitimately buy them in the food shop! (Another win of pregnancy, you’re allowed an extra 300 calories a day!)

This has turned into one of those everything yet nothing posts- not quite a Life Lately, but you know, just a hey-how’s-it-going sort of affair. Me and this over hanging belly of mine, are off to raid the cupboard for more Wotsits. This baby will arrive orange and cheesy at this rate.

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

One thought on “The big, bad world of Maternity wear & everything but nothing”

  1. Ahhhhh I’ve only just been catching up with your lovely news and this post is so exciting! love that pom pom jumper so much i’ve googled where my nearest ASDA is and might even take a special trip there tomorrow. I’m also like you and wait until December for the mince pies to start, got to save the festivities so you don’t get bored before Christmas. Hope you’re having a lovely weekend! Alice xxx


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