A happy, little secret

…I’ve been keeping a secret from everyone.

Watch out Spring 2018, we’re having a baby!

Phew, what a secret that was for the past 13 weeks! Most of that time has been spent in leggings and pyjama bottoms (anything with a stretchy waistband) and turning green under a blanket on the sofa. But I seem to have passed the worst of the morning sickness and am slowly rejoining the land of normal, functioning human beings. Saying that, I did a big sick this morning 🙂

And so, I put my hands up- that’s why I’ve been a terrible blogger and terrible friend. I completely underestimated how much the nausea and fatigue would affect me and I had to cancel loads of blogging or fun family events- even the Blogger’s Blog Awards!

It has been a long, old slog to get to that point of seeing double lines on a pregnancy test, and too many doctors and medications for my liking but here we are, finally.

When I saw the positive test, I did an ugly cry.

I did several ugly cries.

Last week we had our 12 week scan. The little wriggly wriggler would not stop moving or sit still enough for the sonographer to take a good picture so I guess it takes after it’s Dad already (and I just hope it hasn’t inherited his enormous appetite)

Even though the morning sickness reminds me everyday that I’m pregnant, it wasn’t until I saw it on the screen that made it all real. Oh my god, it has a head might not have been the response the sonographer was expecting from me, but seeing our bean on the screen really hit home that ohmygodWOW I am growing an actual baby. Our baby!

We are thrilled 🙂

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

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