[dropcap]A[/dropcap]ll these 4 day weeks are spoiling me. What am I going to do when it goes back to *ugh* 5 days again. And why did the long weekend speed by so fast? UNFAIR. I know that it is definitely Spring not by all the fallen blossoms in my garden, but by the number of birthdays that fall in May. Including my husband and best friend’s. May is also, to my mind at least, anniversary time. To be specific, 14th anniversary time. Robin reckons that only our wedding anniversary counts now but I like a #throwback and believe the original counts just as much. Maybe even more so because I’m nostalgic like that. Who knew that this 2003 version of us (me, with thin 00’s brows and gleamingly straight white teeth) would pop up 14 years later, married to the boy in the photobooth picture.

*Deep breath*

And then I realised I knew my parent’s wedding anniversary date, but I didn’t know when they met, or where they went on their first date and then I got into a spiralling tizz because I want my future kids to know the history of their mum and dad (even though, they’d be all, yawn whatever) And yes, all these thoughts occurred to me in that vast expanse of time that is lying awake at night when you are trying desperately to get some sleep.

This eventually led me to thinking, what does everyone else do? 

Do you celebrate two anniversaries a year or just your wedding anniversary? And if you’ve not hit the mawwwiage part of your relationship, what do you think you’ll do?

*Another deep breath* 

Okay, normal programming resumes.

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

10 thoughts on “14”

  1. Yeah its a hard one!! I honestly think when we get married we will probably just celebrate that – our current anniversary is in December which is kind of annoying as it’s surrounded by both our birthdays and Christmas so ends up being a bit of a none event!!

    But then presents twice a year? Yes please!

    Jasmin Charlotte


  2. We used to celebrate both anniversaries, but as the years pass, we’ve stuck to just celebrating the wedding anniversary. It’s just easier. But i’ll admit, every time our dating anniversary rolls around, i still secretly expect him to at least say something about it.


  3. Happy anniversary!

    I’ve always thought about that too, actually! Right now I can’t NOT think that we wouldn’t celebrate our “original” anniversary in January – it feels like such an important day to me. But then again, I don’t know how I would feel if we ever got married – could I be bothered celebrating twice? And which one would feel more like the ~one~? I’m definitely not much help of a help to you, am I?! :’D

    I say, celebrate them both – any excuse for a bit of a party! x

    Laura //Middle of Adventure


  4. I like to think that we’ll still mark both occasions in the future. We don’t make a huge deal now but I think the day you became a couple is just as romantic (maybe more so) – plus I like a throwback too ❤

    G is for Gingers xx


  5. Wow 14 years, that’s a crazy amount of time to be with someone! Adam and I have been together 4 years, and aren’t yet married so we just celebrate that anniversary, but I think any excuse for a celebration is a good one so do both, the day you got together originally is an important one too! 😀 Alice xxx



  6. Thanks Laura!

    We have a history of forgetting our original anniversary (we’ll always remember a week later or something!) but I feel so nostalgic towards it, I love marking it out in the calendar. But wedding anniversaries, that’s the one where we have to bring our the big celebration guns, that one is a big No No to forgetting. I guess down the line, that’s the one that will become special and our original one just for the ‘awww’ factor.


  7. A friend said to me that our original one is the kind of occasion where we go out for a pizza/cinema date and that our wedding anniversary is the kind that you book a fancy restaurant for- so that’s my go to plan for the future!


  8. My husband’s reaction to me saying ‘ooh, we’ll be 14 years on Monday!’ is what sparked this question. He was all, well surely its just the wedding anniversary that counts now. But like you said, I wanted him to say something about it! So, I guess from now on our original anniversary becomes date night and our wedding anniversary is the special one,


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