Weird Things that make you Realise you are Adulting

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]s our new kitchen is now up and functioning and we are slowly moving things around the flat to fit around the remaining building work- there have been a few things that popped up on my radar. Things that I would never consider 5 years ago, that I would now deem ‘essential’. Then it dawned on me, is this…is THIS the adulting thing people joke about? Because, I think I caught it.

1) COASTERS. Yes. Little flat paddy things that are made solely for the purpose of placing your mug or glass onto. I would never think to buy a frivolous old coaster a YEAR ago, but now? Want them all. Hello future guests and visitors, be ready as I throw coasters at you like a ninja star, because I haven’t gone through 7 months of construction for ring stains to make themselves at home.

2) PASHMINAS (or a chunky blanket scarf) So this one is something I’ve given into for a long time now, because as a grown up lady, I am either freezing cold or boiling hot. There is no inbetween. Asking myself will I be too hot or too cold if I go out is a daily internal struggle. That picture of Lenny Kravitz being swallowed by a chunky knit is my personal comfy goal in life.

3)VOLUME CONTROL. Everything is too loud. The TV is too loud, the radio is too loud, adverts ARE TOO LOUD (actually, that one is true, I swear) I am always jabbing at the minus button on the remote control. I once lived in a first floor flat on the Kilburn High Road, I should be immune to noise.

4)BULK BUYING. There are currently 12 bottles of hand wash in the bathroom cupboard and that’s just the tip of the hoarding iceberg.

5) *ahem* Ocado.

6) Who cares about FOMO when there is Strictly to catch up on?

7) Christmas shopping started last month

8) I spent my entire lunch break browsing M&S and it was a lunch time well spent

9) I COMPLAIN TO MY LOCAL COUNCIL. This one I admit with hands over my eyes. Graffiti on the wall?  Street cleaner doing a shoddy job? THOSE DARN KIDS WITH LOUD SCOOTERS- that’s right. I complained to the council ¯ _(ツ)_/¯

10) DUVETS. I have a winter duvet and a summer duvet and I’m not sure when this happened. Also, thread count is important because apparently I married the Princess and the Pea.

11) Vitamins. Obsessed. Am I getting enough vitamins? And are they the right ones? ARE MY CATS?

12) Why are the shops trying to flog party dresses at me? New Year’s? You mean staying home and watching the fireworks all over Big Ben on the telly isn’t a real option? Pffft, as if.


Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

4 thoughts on “Weird Things that make you Realise you are Adulting”

  1. Love this post!!
    One thing that makes me realize I’m grown up? I’m more proud than ashamed of the fact that I’m NOT a party girl! 😉


  2. YES on the coasters! Ha, I never used to care about leaving rings on tables. And pashminas/cashmere scarves are a must in winter, inside and outside 🙂 Love a bit of adulting – collecting recipes, cashing in vouchers and preferring nights in snuggled on the sofa watching TV to going out is definitely where it’s at 🙂 x

    Tamsin | A Certain Adventure


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