The end of Summer

[dropcap]E[/dropcap]veryone on my Twitter feed seems to be celebrating the any-minute-now onslaught of Autumn. Me? Not so much. I am a true Summer baby, through and through. Give me a glorious hot day with my hair thrown up into a messy knot than a soggy, wet and cold one. To me, Autumn doesn’t mean crispy leaves and cosy jumpers. No, no, no,to me it means, soggy shoes, sweating under layers, more grey skies than sunny ones, and ooooh I don’t know, the season just makes my arse feel big. Make sense?

Growing up in the Far East, it was perpetually summer. Seasons over there didn’t vary- it was either hot and dry or hot and rainy. High five Mother Nature! keeping it simple!

Layering my clothes doesn’t excite me and I hate wearing socks. I’m not ready to start the battle that is pulling up my tights (the drop crotch? ugggh) I’m not ready to finally put together a nice outfit only to hide it under a winter coat. I’m basically just not ready. Brown leaves, I see you lying there littering the park- jog on you crispy little devils!

As much as a ‘bah humbug’ I am about Autumn, I try. Really! I do! – here are some throw back posts when I tried to embrace the end of summer:

Getting all the gooey, cosy, hyyge feels with this Pumpkin Pie recipe

Hiking the gorgeous Glendalough in Ireland

If anything signifies Autumn, it’s this family tradition of mine- the Merdeka Carnival!

How do you feel? Gimme-all-the-jumpers-and-pumpkin-spice excited? Or clutching the last dregs of the summer left? I’ll be over here, having a grump at saying goodbye to my favourite season!

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

5 thoughts on “The end of Summer”

  1. I’m definitely all about keeping the summer vibes! I grew up in USA Midwest full of cider and pumpkins and corn mazes and haunted houses and the MOST colorful fall trees ever. But in England where I live now the leaves just die in the torrential rains and cloudy skies 😦


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