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[dropcap]T[/dropcap]oday I was reminded why I called this blog Awkward at the start. My ears are still burning with embarrassment! The short story is, always knock on a door even if it is open because you could be interrupting a film crew shooting a major fashion darling in your building. Major faux pas. Moving on! I went to get a coffee this morning and it felt like the first time I had really seen the street I work on. Bunting zig zags across the street, the colourful murals are lit up in the sunshine, and as the market stalls set up I could hear one of them playing Irish folk music. It felt summery and jolly and I wish it was like this all year round.

Recently enjoyed things that have given me all the happy feels for the bank holiday build up :

– Drop everything you are doing to watch this video of Bruno the Dog. Excuse me, just moving to Longville now.

– And for even more dog feels, Gobi the Dog has a happy ending.

Papier awakened the stationery lover in me. It’s got a Rifle Paper Co meets Kate Spade vibe and I ended up  buying two notebooks last week. You can customise them too, hence why one of my notebooks is now titled Brain Dumps (always keeping it classy here) There’s also some lovely wedding stationery that I wish I had discovered last year!

– You know when you stumble across a song or a band and it feels like ‘where have you been my whole life?!’ That’s how I felt when I listened to NAF and this song last night. Hang on, off to go and buy a black beret.

-It sounds stupid, but I’ve lost hours pouring over pictures of floor tiles for the house and I’ve really enjoyed it. My Pinterest boards are bursting. What is my life.

-The Disney Hits playlist on Spotify is a revelation! Listening to When You Wish Upon A Star feels like I am bursting into tiny explosions of fairy dust even if my face is smooshed up against a tube door at rush hour.

Potterheads! The Royal Albert Hall is playing a live orchestra to Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone next year. The soundtrack to this film (and all the films) feels so magical- I reckon this would be an amazing show. Tickets here.

-My friend Mike’s mum makes chilli oil. Not just any chilli oil, but probably the best chilli oil I’ve ever tried. All of us are obsessed with it. It’s been sprinkled on everything from beans on toast to chicken casserole to ramen noodles. It’s bloody amazing and now there’s a jazzy new website where you can buy it, here. (it’s addictive, you’ve been warned)

Roll on the bank holiday weekend! What have you got planned for the last long weekend of the year?

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

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