New York Baby!


[dropcap]L[/dropcap]ast month, I took a quick trip to New York for a few days. My sister was there for a wedding, and I kind of tagged along- because, that what little sisters do, right? June in the Big Apple is like high summer in England. It was hot, muggy, and ooohhweee, kind of stinky on the subway! It was also very exciting, manic, and…dramatic? Every step you take there’s a little voice in your head going “NEW YORK BABY!” I arrived the night before everyone else, but I quite happily pottered around the city on my own for a bit to soak it all up.

After I dropped my bags off at the hotel, I killed some time eating lunch on the grass inside Bryant Park. I had left wet and dreary London behind and even though I was only eating a Pret sandwich, it was inside the park, in the scorching sun, in New York, which made it the best sandwich ever (although, in reality, the best sandwich ever was yet to come)

New York Subway sign
New York School Bus traffic
Highline view in Chelsea

I was quite content on this trip to just go with the flow, as I had ticked off off most of the tourist must do’s on my last visit. I’ve always preferred just hanging out and people watching to get a feel and sense of a place, over stressing myself into squeezing in every site.

Our hotel was just a couple of blocks away from Bryant Park and it was good people watching territory. People, young and old, strangers or friends, would sit together and play chess or dominoes. I think this guy got schooled 😉

Bryant Park Chess 3Bryant Park Chess 2 Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 16.55.45New York Street Drink VendorManhattan Billboard
Awesome Subway Driver

See, New Yorkers? All that grumpiness is just a front!

We had the world’s best subway driver ever on the way to South Ferry one morning. It was early, he could see that we clearly had no idea what we were doing, and coached us through over the tannoy. It was hilarious and sweet, and when we finally got to South Ferry station, we got to meet our subway hero.

Speaking of South Ferry, if there’s one tourist attraction you should hit, it’s Lady Liberty here.

Prebook your tickets to save some time (ours were from Statue Cruises) We paid $21 per person for tickets to the Crown. That includes an audio tour guide, access to the grounds, and priority entry. It’s definitely worth the extra burn walking up the steep, winding steps (& not for the faint hearted!)

Take the subway to South Ferry, dodge the ticket touts, collect said tickets, then hop onto your ferry. Get totes emosh as the boat sails closer and closer towards the Statue of Liberty.

Hey, girl, heeeey!

Lady Liberty statue from ferry
Statue of Liberty 3
Statue of Liberty Pedestal
Statue of Liberty 2

I was totally surprised by how small it was up there to be honest. There must have been room for 6 people at most to peek out of her crown where you get a close up view of her hand holding the torch. I lasted about 2 minutes before I was like “NOPE. NEED NORMAL GROUND NOW”

As life tends to do, the days sped by. By Friday, it was wedding time, and I went to a gorgeous City Hall ceremony and I felt very lucky to be there. From City Hall, we walked to Tribeca for a delicious meal at Tiny’s where I did indeed have the world’s best sandwich.

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 18.55.45

Tiny's in Tribeca 2

I loved this place (The Groom is a total foodie and picked the best spots in the city so we were in good hands)

Tiny’s is tiny- a three storey town house squished between two tall buildings. It’s all mismatched antiques and tin ceilings. I ordered a Chicken Paillard Club sandwich; it’s a roasted chicken, with lettuce, bacon and tomato, and sliced avocado with a ranch aioli dressing between toasted rye bread. It comes with a side of tater tots which are beautiful. If you ever find yourself here, order extra tots and have the dressing on the side 😉

Brooklyn Bridge 2
DUMBO View 2

After the best sandwich in the world, we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, where not even the rain could dampen the mood.

…but, more on that later. Right now, I’m sifting through dozens of New York photos for the second part of this trip!

p.s Photos by Amelia

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

23 thoughts on “New York Baby!”

  1. I loove your photos! I’ve definitely said that before. This looks like such a fun trip! New York has so many different things that if you go back you can find ten million new things to see!
    x Kenzie //


  2. I love that the subway driver helped you out – the subway terrifies me, it’s so confusing. The tube over here is way easier, although I am sure New Yorkers would disagree.
    I went up to the crown once too – it’s crazy high and those steps are insane! But I’m glad I did it. Even if you do only get a very quick peek.


  3. He was SO nice, he was like “I see you ladies, keep going, keep going” – haha! Yes, the tube over the subway any day! And I was completely rubbish with a Metro card, I either swiped it too slow or too fast and I couldn’t go through the barriers. When we went up the crown, there was a guard just standing on a small tiny ledge, no safety gear- nothing! It made me feel queasy just looking at him.


  4. oh no! I reckon June or Autumn are nice times to go; it was just starting to get crazy hot while we were there and by October it’s nice and cool! Oh, and you’ll start singing every New York themed song in your head while you’re there!


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