Ally Pally Street Food Festival

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]lexandra Palace (or just Ally Pally to Londoners) is a place I wish I spent more time in. A few stops away on the overground from me, it is dubbed the ‘People’s Palace‘ and sits atop a hill rather gracefully. A few years ago, I went on the Parkland Walk with some friends and the trail took us here, to Ally Pally. There are stunning views overlooking London- you can see the O2, the City and Canary Wharf from up here. This summer, Ally Pally is hosting a street food festival once a month and that’s where I found myself a couple of weekends ago.




Whats a Great British Summer outing without the threat of rain?

BUT, Ally Pally is enormous, and there are loads of places to sit inside if the rain does pour down. Luckily for us, it stayed dry but the gloomy weather made it feel like an Autumn festival. Someone pass me the pumpkin spice, stat.

There was live music- I especially liked Brasstermind, a 10 piece brass band from Brixton, so good!. (Imagine Nirvana, Radiohead and Stevie Wonder played on brass…your feet won’t stop moving)

There were loads of street food stalls- burgers, bbq, burritos, churros- all the classics are here. You’ll find Popdogs, a name I’ve heard being thrown around (in a good way) when it comes to street food. My eyes (and stomach) followed the illuminated Waffle stand and I ate a nice chocolate syrup waffle over a cup of tea (see, British Summer and all that)

Ally Pally Street Food Festival

It’s a good day out. I wished I had my wellies, so I could walk along Parkland Walk and back home again but instead, we walked a few minutes to Alexandra Palace station at the bottom of the hill. It’s a nice day out-and I think even if you live South of the river, it’s worth a visit. Let’s hope July’s date is a little brighter!

Here’s a handy dandy link to the festival website—> Alexandra Palace Food Festival

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

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