In the Spotlight with Blogosphere magazine

[dropcap]C[/dropcap]onfession time (or not, if you follow my recent Snapchats) A few months ago, I got an incredibly cool email from Blogosphere Magazine to say they wanted to feature me, and this old place, as part of their In The Spotlight series for their next issue and oh yes, please keep it hush.


But keep it secret I did- until last week when the new issue and cover star were revealed at the Issue 9 launch party!

So. As I left it too last minute to sort a new outfit for the party, I decided, hey why not spend the money on a little treat? A little hairy treat perhaps, hmmm?

That treat would turn out to be an appointment at DryBy, the chic blow dry bar in town, where I had my hair teased and twirled to an inch of it’s life. I left 45 minutes later with hair as big and fabulous as Sophia Loren.

…cut to 15 minutes later, the London humidity had flattened said fabulous hair and I arrived at the party a hot, sweaty mess. I could feel my make up literally sliding off my face in one piece, like a contoured mask, all the way down my jumpsuit, because OF COURSE ANGELA, OF COURSE.

Beauty mishaps aside, the Blogosphere party was lovely. Hannah Trigwell sang some tunes, I got to catch up with Laura and Hannah and then met Meg for the first time. There was prosecco, rose lemonade, and vegan food. It was all very nice and THANK YOU BLOGOSPHERE MAGAZINE!

So, here we go. Issue 9. Featuring the wunderwhiz Emma Gannon, Hannah Gale, and of course the cover star- Ella Grace Denton, making me wish my cats were as into cuddling as this chicken of hers.

Blogosphere Magazine Issue 9

It’s a great issue, full of amazing bloggers (of all genres) AND you can get it here on digital copy or print if you haven’t already spied it in a shop.

I’ll be over here, obsessing over it on my sofa.

(P.S After the magazine party, I got home, threw on some wellies, and spent the rest of the evening emptying the shed with Robin, because that is my actual real life. Not magazine parties. Sadly.)

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

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