[dropcap]H[/dropcap]oney, I’m home! After 5 frantic days in New York City, it is so nice to be home. I love the Big Apple, it’s like a more hyperactive, condensed cousin of London (that smells pretty ripe in the humidity)

I had forgotten the wonderful experience that is jetlag, and in my fugged out state, I have flashes of the past week that make me happy.


Sitting on a rocky hill in Central Park watching the sun go down…

…and the toothless old man in a bikini who fist bumped me straight after.

Going to a wedding at City Hall (City Hall! I can’t even…)

Eating the best sandwich of my life in Tribeca

Walking through the East Village with my friend Ryan

Finally hitting Barneys (20 minutes before it closed!)

Mexican ice lollies on the High Line

Meelo the pomsky puppy in Brooklyn

There are more that I need to corral into a blog post, but at the moment, my swollen post flight feet and jetlagged grogginess is making me as useful and sharp as a something or other. You see what I mean?

If you have any jetlag remedies, let me know. My chunky feet will thank you (and so will I, once I stop being so sleepy!)


Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

4 thoughts on “jetlag”

  1. bikini dude had a six pack! no teeth, but killer abs.

    Meelo the Pomsky! His mum was a husky and dad was a pomeranian (I know, I don’t know how it..physically worked?) He was so gorgeous, only 4 months old and just about to graduate puppy school. He was beauuuuutiful!!


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