A bomber jacket & a maxi dress

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]’ve always felt like there should be a day in between Sunday and Monday. Just when you finally feel relaxed, it’s time to hit another week! My Saturday was pretty low key BUT Sunday, well Sunday was fully booked up for a meal at Hawksmoor and a shop around town. I knew that since we were going to face some serious steak action, I needed to either rock up in stretchy pants, or a dress.

Spoiler alert- the dress won.

I threw on the two staples that I haven’t stopped wearing since I bought them- my Zara embroidered bomber jacket and my Adidas Superstars– and ran into town.

Red Shirt Dress and Zara Bomber Jacket 2

Zara Bomber Jacket Embroidered

Red Maxi Dress Adidas Superstars

Dress | Showpo (similar here) Jacket | Zara (sold out but similar below) Shoes | Adidas Superstars

I’ve lived in this bomber jacket since I bought it last month from Zara- it’s reversible but I usually wear the black embroidered side- and it’s silky soft. Zara have WON the embroidered bomber jacket this season.

The dress is an oldie from a couple of summers ago, from an Australian online shop called Showpo. I’ve listed some similar ones below if you fancy it though.

I have to actually stop myself from wearing my Adidas trainers every morning too- they seem to go with everything. Clients coming in? Adidas! Dinner date after work? Adidas!

On this occasion, they were perfect for a stomp around Soho and the West End.

Karl Lagerfeld Street Art Soho

Ganton Street London 2

London Lifestyle Blog 2

Soho London Streets

Soho Sanctum Hotel London Cab

Zara Bomber Jacket London

I obviously need to up my shopping cardio, because within a couple of hours I was done. DONE. (I also remembered why I prefer online shopping, because shopping rage is real)

At six o clock, we headed to our reservation at Hawksmoor for an early Sunday dinner- ever since his birthday last week, Robin had been nursing a mad craving for steak. I’ve yet to find anywhere in London that does steak as perfect as Hawksmoor, and it never disappoints! A ribeye with all the roast trimmings later, we strolled up Regent Street, towards the tube to take us home.

Sundays may be my new favourite day of the week.


Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

10 thoughts on “A bomber jacket & a maxi dress”

  1. I love this outfit! I’m looking for a longer maxi for a wedding this summer as it’s in Scotland and I wanted to be a little more covered up in case it’s chilly … I might look into this one and dress it up! I love the way you’ve styled it, though.


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