Links I love + freckles

Chop, chop, chop, repeat.

[dropcap]6 [/dropcap]tomatoes, 1 onion, and 1 lime later, I am sprinkling a fat handful of coriander over a bowl of what will be my favourite salsa dip, pico de gallo.

When the pico de gallo comes out, it usually means that we have 1) guests and 2) are having a barbecue.

We threw a fairly last minute barbecue together last weekend because the weather was too good not to and also, for Robin’s birthday. If there’s anyone who hates their birthday more than me, it’s Robin. Something fuss free and low key was in order. Along side the burgers, hot dogs and watermelon, some birthday cake was shared round. Tonight, his actual birthday, we’ll be dining at Bourne & Hollingsworth (although, to be honest, I was sure he wanted to pick Nando’s)

A new smattering of freckles and a faint farmer’s tan are all that remains of a sunny weekend spent almost entirely outdoors. It was also sadly, the last time we’ll be making use of our back yard until the build is finished (which has seen it’s share of dramas this week!)

Here’s hoping this week is better than the last! Some links I love…

– the best Pico de Gallo recipe, that I use again and again. It’s amazing. You’ll never go back to store bought salsa again.

-I’m so curious to try Eat Poke, for some Hawaiian food. Now, if anyone can tell me where I can get acai in this city, please shout!

This couple’s tongue in cheek approach to their infertility. I understand how cuckoo the trials and tribulations of infertility make you feel, and this made me smile.

– Stocking up on these goodies on the ASOS 30% off Beauty sale! (face masks are my thing right now!)

– Have you heard of the Be My Eyes app? It’s an app to help the visually impaired. Once you download the app, if someone needs assistance, your phone rings and once you answer, you can offer your assistance via video chat. I’ve had the app a few months now, and it’s rung a handful of times. It’s usually to ask to read a date or detail on something. Such a simple but brilliant concept.

This piece from Elle Decor with never before seen photos inside Prince’s Paisley Park estate is fascinating.

– There’s a 4 acre secret section of Central Park being reopened for the summer. Maybe one for the list when I’m there in a couple of weeks?

– Sir David Attenborough celebrated his 90th birthday on Sunday. I watched as he was celebrated and toasted on TV, and then I teared up when loads of wildlife and nature conservationists and personalities came forward to wish him well. He’s a legend and this list helps to sum it up! ( I mean, having a dinosaur named after you doesn’t get much better. Except it does, because, sloth)

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

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