De Beauvoir Darling with Radley

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] can never leave the house without taking everything but the kitchen sink-with or without my blogger ‘hat’ on. There’s my laptop and camera, spare chargers, makeup, tissues and wet wipes, an assortment of toot from sweets to pens to perfume bottles and this being Great Britain- never without my umbrella. My usual go to handbags were no longer big enough and my backpack, normally set aside for my travels, became my everyday bag. Practical, yes. Cute, not so much.

But then, De Beauvoir darling.

Not just a cool Islington neighbourhood, but a rather pretty handbag by British label, Radley.

Radley London De Beauvoir Bag Pollen Yellow 13

Radley De Beauvoir Bag in Yellow

Radley London De Beauvoir Bag Pollen Yellow 15

Bag | Radley Coat | Lauren Moffatt (check eBay!) Shoes | Vans Jeans | Topshop Stripey Tee | H&M

Yellow is my favourite colour so when my bag arrived, I immediately wanted to pair it with my yellow Vans and my much loved (but least practical!) coral coat

(I got it years ago from the sales section in Anthropologie but if you search for Lauren Moffat on eBay, there’s usually one or two being listed)

The short sleeves mean I can only ever wear it in Spring or early Autumn, but I love the colour too much to ever  part with it. Pairing it with yellow is my colour match made in heaven.

Radley London De Beauvoir Bag Pollen Yellow 10

Radley London De Beauvoir Bag Pollen Yellow 11

Radley London De Beauvoir Bag Pollen Yellow 7

Radley London De Beauvoir Bag Pollen Yellow 4

Radley London De Beauvoir Bag Pollen Yellow 6

Radley’s current collection of bags are fun and colourful, but in keeping with it’s classic styles and shapes. They’ve had a modern revamp recently with Erin O’Connor and Vogue’s Laura Bailey as past Brand Ambassadors for Radley.

(Also, Laura Bailey’s article on the Sunbury Antiques Market was a major tip off for our interior design hunt here!)

The leather on the bag is buttery soft; I think for me, for someone who prefers bags to shoes, that is always the greatest allure. You can’t beat the smell and feel of a new bag, fresh out of it’s dust bag!


Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

10 thoughts on “De Beauvoir Darling with Radley”

  1. This reminds me SO MUCH of this hilarious De Beauvoir incident I had years ago! This was when I was fresh off the boat and in art school, so all the London street names were a great source of mirth for me.

    Myself and a couple of friends were walking from Islington to Dalston and went we turned onto De Beauvoir road, us three looked at the road sign, looked at each other, then started braying in over the top voices: “DE BUUUU-WUAAAAH, BABY, DE BUUUUH-WUAAAH!”

    We cackled about it for ages and then a lady asked us for directions: “Excuse me, do you know where De Beauvoir road is?”

    We cracked up and in tears, I resumed my pompous tone: “DO I KNOW DE BEAUVOIR, DARLING? YOU’LL FIND HER THAT A WAY! HAW HAW HAW!” and pointed the confused woman on her way.

    To this day I cannot see ‘De Beauvoir Road’ without bursting into tears of laughter. x

    Does My Travel Privilege Look Big In This?| Posh, Broke, & Bored


  2. These photos are absolutely stunning! I’m in-love with your blog. So happy I found it 🙂 x Alona


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