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[dropcap]I [/dropcap]feel a bit distracted lately- pulling the kind of blank face and ‘hmmmm‘ that my friends tease me for- all day, everyday this week. I feel like there’s a lot of stuff that’s about to happen, and this is the limbo period where you have to plan it out. With all the green lights and a big thumbs up given to us to finally, FINALLY build an extension, I’ve been thinking about design, and furnishings and how a big build will affect our summer plans and holidays and oh my god, all the mess and chaos, and where do I put the cats, and what if we need to move out, oh crap do we need to find a temporary home…

…you can see where my mind’s at. It’s already whirring a million miles an hour and nothing’s started yet.

To keep my sanity afloat, I’ve been sourcing fun and helpful distractions on the world wide interwebs, with these current links I love.

Headspace, a meditation app. Recommended to me by one of the holistic health gurus in my office building. It works so well that at some point in the first session, I woke up 30 minutes later, sideways on my bed. I’m pretty sure that’s not meant to happen, but I felt better afterwards!

– With our Sky subscription cancelled (ugh, still not over it) I’ve made even more use of Netflix than usual. My favourite documentary series at the moment is The Mind of a Chef. It’s so interesting, and I think even non-foodies will like it. It follows successful chefs around the globe, their career path and their approach to creating their food. It offers a really unique and personal perspective that makes food into art.

– Audiobooks! I was always a little sceptical of how much attention I would pay to an audiobook, so, I started out small. I downloaded a Harry Potter book to ease myself in, and I’m a convert. It’s made my commute to work so much calmer, and I even listen to it when I’m pottering around the house. Pottering with Potter…I know, I know.

– I’m so excited for the Archive by Alexa M&S collaboration. I feel like it’s been talked about for so long! I have my eye on the red Misty dress, which is basically this year’s dress of dreams. You can shop the collection online from 9am TOMORROW!

– Currently obsessed with the Rose Hip shade of Barry M nail polish. Rose Hip is a very subtle pale pink colour, pretty similar to Essie’s Ballet Slippers, but with a better price tag (£3.99!) My whole nail polish collection is pretty much just Barry M.

Man Repeller’s weekly recap and dissection of Girls. I always read it after I’ve caught up with an episode, because 1) funny and 2) NO ONE ELSE I KNOW WATCHES IT which is mind boggling. It’s seriously the best show. Do you watch it? Can we talk about how conflicted I feel for loving Jessa’s character the most?

Brown Butter Bruleed Doughnut Holes *whispers* I love you Joy

…And with that, I leave you with doughnut holes on the brain!

(I am also snacking on Skittles)

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

4 thoughts on “links I love”

  1. I have a subscription to Audible and I’ve always got an audio book on the go for when I’m cooking, cleaning, driving or exercising! I’ve got into podcasts recently too which are fab because they’re free! Really enjoyed reading your roundup! x

    Laura | Loved By Laura


  2. No Sky??? But…but….BUT!!!
    I recently discovered the joy of the audiobook too, such a nice way to pass the time. And the Potter ones are magnificent – it’s like being read the best bedtime story ever by Stephen freaking Fry. No complaints here.

    M x


  3. No Sky!! I. JUST. CAN’T. DEAL. Husband installed some weird box thingamajig instead that streams tv shows and movies and I hate it!

    And I love being read to by Stephen Fry. My IQ goes up a few notches just listening to that voice.


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