Getting snap happy with Samsung

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]’m a creature of habit. I have a few tried and tested things that I like and that I stick to, without giving any thought to trying anything new because ‘if it ain’t broke’ and all that. I use Sheer Glow Foundation from Nars, Topshop Jamie jeans for everyday denim, and my iPhone for everything. I’ve had my iPhone for years now- I know all the shortcuts, have customised it down to a tee for my usage and such was my little technology bubble that I just couldn’t envisage using anything else. But remember when a Nokia was all you could imagine using? Snake and predictive text was all you needed at the time!

…well. This creature of habit was asked by Three to trial the new Samsung Galaxy S7 for a week.

I was like “Weelllll, I don’t know guys. I’m not really fussed about a new phone”

They were like, “Trust us. You’ll change your mind with this one”

That was a promise I couldn’t refuse. So for a week, I was that mysterious person who carried two phones.

First (and most importantly to me) I needed to test the camera situation. I love my Instagram, and my VSCO, and taking pics on the go when I am sans big camera. Because, blogger and all that.

The difference was amazing. The S7’s picture quality is insane.

The photos were razor sharp. Reverting back to my iPhone, everything seemed dulled down in comparison. And they were! That’s because the S7 snaps at a 2560 x 1440 resolution with 535 pixels per inch compared to the iPhone 6’s 1334 x 750 resolution at 326 ppi.

Plus, it’s also waterproof! No fear of drowning your phone in the rain- which let’s face it, rain and the UK go hand in hand.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Review

Samsung Galaxy S7 2

Superior photo taking aside- how did I find using the Samsung Galaxy S7 handset?

Like any new gadget, it takes a bit of time to get used to how it works and feels in your hand. Downloading apps was simple and straightforward- nothing out of the ordinary there. I had Instagram up and running in no time, as well as my emails too.

It’s lighter and wider than my current phone, which meant I was really wary and afraid of dropping it- even though it is meant to be much more resilient than it’s Apple frenemy. And if you drop your phone on your face regularly, as I do, the weight of the handset does make a difference 😉

I realised, over the span of a week, that there really is nothing to be afraid of straying away from the iPhone. It’s equally user friendly, and I would make a serious consideration into making the swap permanent when my phone upgrade comes in next year. Reverting back to my old phone- the screen looked smaller, the photos were duller, and I became reacquainted with that darn sticky sleep mode button. I miss that shiny Samsung already.


*Thank you Three for loaning me the Samsung Galaxy S7 to test out!*

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

2 thoughts on “Getting snap happy with Samsung”

  1. Those pictures are really impressive! I’ve always been an Android girl but have never been all that impressed with the quality of photos on my phones… good to see some models coming out to rival the Iphone!

    Laura xx | Loved By Laura


  2. Such lovely pictures! I like iPhones but the battery life and camera makes me sad 😦 Only had a few over the years, and the past few years, I’ve had different types of Android, although my last (the Moto X Play) had a 21mp camera! So good. Recently got rid of it though and got myself the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (basically the phone I have wanted ever since it came out but couldn’t justify the price tag). Such a beautiful phone…honestly, if it was possible to be in love with a phone? This is the one for me.

    Even though I have a MacBook, I’m Team Android on the phone front. It’s great that it’s made you realise that Samsungs are pretty awesome phones, as to be truthful…they are pretty darn good!

    Meg | A Little Twist Of…


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