kicking Monday’s butt

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]y Monday morning couldn’t have started a better way- my tube station was closed for whatever magical unicorn reason TFL came up with meaning I then had to rugby scrum my way onto the 243 bus…which then proceeded to painfully crawl it’s way through Dalston making me ohhh only 30 minutes late for work. Exhausting my round of F word expletives, I decided, as I jog-walked my way through Old Street, that instead, I would focus on the GOOD things that today will bring and be grateful for the weekend just gone.

I am happy that I woke up this morning (and most mornings) with a warm, fat cat curled in a ball around my feet. Which is also why I tend to be running 5 minutes late, because I feel the need to baby talk to my cat about how cute he is. Standard crazy cat lady behaviour.

Treating myself to a coffee on the way into the office. Especially when it’s very cold and the air feels super crisp and sharp outside!

Setting aside more funds for New York in June is very satisfying.

So is using a brand new eyeliner, fresh out of the box. Ahhhh…

SPICE WORLD ON NETFLIX. I spent my Saturday night stewing in a hot bath tub watching it on my laptop. So cheesy, so 90s, soooo much love for Buffalo platform shoes. When I was 13 or 14, I rocked a pair of white platform sneakers and thought I was the coolest chick, ever.

Having a rambling Facetime chat with Ismay also on Saturday night, in our PJ’s, like two rocking old ladies.

Sunday’s breakfast crepes and Valentine’s Day steak dinner. My stomach had a pretty good weekend.

Getting rid of so much junk as we prepare the flat for it’s big renovation. That actually is the most exciting (because there’s nothing I love more than a good decluttering) and also because YAY renovations!

Getting lost in Courtney Adamo’s (of Babycinno Kids) blogs over the weekend- her dreamy Hampstead life is my actual #GOALS as well as her family’s year long travels. Babycinno blog here and Somewhere Slower here.

See, Monday? I have this under control.


Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

7 thoughts on “kicking Monday’s butt”

  1. Well I am so sorry that your Monday started off on the wrong foot, but I do know that my wife would love to hear that Spice World is on Netflix. She was a huge Spice Girls fan when she was younger. BTW, how in the hell were you able to walk around in platform shoes? I know I would have busted my ass if I ever walked in those.


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