being a ‘crap’ blogger & why that is okay

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]s a blogger, you’d think my organisation game was strong. That I would have a blogging schedule, a planning list or even like, a stationery set? I don’t. I have a chewed pen and a notebook that I doodle with boxes and flowers. The thing is, I’ve always blogged off the cuff. If I do something, I then blog about it. One week, I may be really busy at work and the blog is neglected, or the next I’ll have been somewhere or done something interesting. My blog, like my real life, isn’t perfectly ordered or all rainbows and daisies.

I lost a little bit of heart in blogging as 2015 wrapped up. I felt unmotivated and a little bit adrift in the blogging world. I wanted to put my content on here but felt like…I wasn’t allowed to? Or more like, I didn’t fit in?

I am always wary of making sure that this space doesn’t end up looking or sounding like one big advertisement. It’s a big part of the reason why I removed sidebar advertising and have been pickier with sponsored posts. I don’t want to lose ‘me’ on here. Sometimes I will eat at a fancy restaurant or have an excellent holiday, but real life (well, my real life) isn’t like that all the time. Last night, I ate at IKEA for fuck’s sake. IKEA. (Also, sorry for swearing Mum)

Because, that is the real me. The real me enjoys a 50p strawberry jelly from the IKEA canteen. The real me snores loudly, gets crumbs in her hair, forgets to reply to a text message, and still enjoys a sneaky Marlboro Light. The real me is also passionate about London and those fun little adventures that sometimes unfurl.

I like taking pretty pictures and telling silly stories and that is the bones of this blog…and that is why I am okay with being a rubbish blogger. Whenever I feel down about this space, or feel like I need to make more of an effort to be be more organised and improve stats and other knicker twisting blog stresses…I remember. Pretty pictures. Silly stories.





Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

28 thoughts on “being a ‘crap’ blogger & why that is okay”

  1. Can I just say that I love this post. I don’t think you’re a crap blogger, far from it. I love that you show your ‘you’ on your blog, and I’m always a fan of the more personal posts, keep being you Angela, you rock.


  2. Love this post – so true! Blogging is just sharing the nice stuff, rather that going out of your way to post about the nuggets and waffles you had for dinner last night. Althought that would be awesome!

    Ruth |


  3. Totally agree with this – I think it is really important to be authentic otherwise it is so easy to lose motivation to blog. Plus your voice + your ideas are what people connect with, so stay true to that!


  4. Holy moly.

    1. You’re one of the few bloggers whose posts I read EVERY SINGLE TIME.

    2. I SNORE TOO!! Amazing.

    3. I love IKEA meatballs and would gladly have them for dinner.

    Basically, your blog is awesome. And so are you.


  5. Lately I have been a rubbish blogger too or so it feels like, I have been so busy and haven’t done anything all that exciting so I have nothing really to share. But then I remember that I blog for myself and I would rather put 1 great post up than 3 not so great ones. It is okay not to be organised I am exactly the same. I think you are doing a great job with your blog!


  6. Thank you Eline! When I first started blogging, it was because I wanted to share and connect with people; just like my favourite bloggers felt to me. Its very easy to stray away from that, so I’m trying to be more mindful of my content.

    …also, those strawberry jelly pots. SO GOOD (AND 50P!!!)


  7. HAHAHA! John turns me over like a pancake. I usually snore if I sleep on my back, so he has to turn me onto my side … I sometimes understand but sometimes I’m too sleepy and I turn back onto my back! HAHA! He calls it the “foghorn”.


  8. So much love for this post. But it’s SO true. I’d class myself as a ‘crap’ blogger because every single time I try to create a schedule, it lasts for one week and then falls apart. I just find it better going with the flow!

    Meg | A Little Twist Of…


  9. You’re not a crap blogger – I like an array of blogs, some that post regularly and others that don’t but like you said, it’s the personal touch to the blog that makes it a great blog 🙂 keep doing what you’re doing x


  10. Well said. And please tell me you had the meatballs in IKEA because the gravy is SO GOOD.


  11. “Sometimes I will eat at a fancy restaurant or have an excellent holiday, but real life (well, my real life) isn’t like that all the time.”

    ^^ this 100 times over.

    I don’t post as regularly as other bloggers, I don’t have hardly as many followers (comparison will kill you) but that’s OK. I like to blog, it’s a good outlet for me and a place to keep account of all that I’ve been up to, which sometimes isn’t much.


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