the brand new Thai Square Spa

Not wanting to sound like a Real Housewife or anything, but I love massages. Like, loooove. They’re my favourite treat to myself. So, my best friend Ismay is finally saying farewell to London after 10 fruitful years and returning to the Emerald Isle (I don’t blame her- her Dad makes a killer breakfast)

One (of many) things that Ismay has taught me, is to remember to take time for myself. I’m not sure who’s going to remind me to get my eyebrows threaded or to get my nails done or who will just pipe up with “let’s do a spa” when you’re both feeling particularly grim and gross. But, with her departure imminent, we set up a spa date for one more London treat with our friend Ami.

Thai Square Spa Press Pics

Thai Square Spa has just opened on Northumberland Avenue, a few minutes walk from either Charing Cross or Embankment stations. It doesn’t get more cosmopolitan London than walking past Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square as you make your way to a luxury Thai spa. I was soon through the doorway of the spa’s sparkly new Reception and jasmine scented air. The last time I had been to Thai Square Spa was for my Hen Do, so it was really lovely to see everyone again in the new building. We were led to the locker rooms, where we put on cosy robes and slippers, and downstairs into the spa. The plush new lounger area where you can hang out in between treatments are a blend of both Thai, Turkish and Roman decor- a nod to the building’s historical use as a bath house.

Thai Square Spa in London

Thai Sq Spa Himalayan Salt House

As we were the only ones in the spa at that hour, we grabbed the tray of nibbles (of dried apricots and dates) to ourselves and toasted with some Prosecco. We had access to the Himalayan Salt House, where three lounge chairs were set up in the middle of super soft sand, like your own tiny private beach. Except it’s not sand…it’s salt. You dip your feet into plastic wraps and drape yourself over a lounger for 15 minutes. The warm temperature of the salt enclave is meant to do wonders for your skin.

15 cosy minutes later, we left the salt room and towards the Jacuzzi. Outside was absolutely baltic, so stewing away in bubbling warm water below the streets of London felt puh-retty amazing. There’s a fountain of ice that you are meant to scrub yourself down with afterwards, but there was no way I was going to brave the ice chips- I like being warm! So much so, we decided to sit inside the steam room for a little while to warm our bones even further.

Thai Sq Spa Sen Space-jacuzzi

Thai Square Spa London 8

After a quick dry off and some more tea, the three of us parted ways as we were led into our own therapy rooms for an hour long Aromatherapy massage. The massage starts with a soothing foot cleanse before you’re cocooned between warm towels. The masseuse used warm oils and focused on my problematic areas – my neck, back and shoulders- and also worked the knots out from my legs. In complete honesty, it was the best massage I’ve ever had. Ever. I was almost in tears as our session ended. Back out in the softly lit lounge area, we sipped on more tea and returned upstairs to get dressed and back to reality.


The likes of Harper’s Bazaar and Hello! magazines have raved about Thai Square- it’s a luxurious piece of Thailand in this grey city. Aside from spa treatments you can also get everyday beauty treatments here- you’ll find the nail salon behind the Reception area. Their also have their own line of products, iMantara by Thai Square spa, that smells delicious (jasmine- one of my favourite scents!)

We love this little piece of heaven; I hope you do too.

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

6 thoughts on “the brand new Thai Square Spa”

  1. It’s funny because a local spa just contacted through Twitter about stopping by for a visit one day. I have never been to a spa before. I highly doubt it would be something for me.


  2. Angela, this all sounds absolutely incredible, and how lovely that it’s all brand new and so pretty! Really making me want a massage, though as it happens I’m currently on a hunt for a good treatment to gift my mum for Mother’s Day. May I ask which treatment you guys were privy to in order to use the Himalayan Salt House and jacuzzi as well as the aromatherapy massage? xx


  3. I *think* the Jacuzzi is part of the facilities- within that room there’s also a sauna- probably best to call and double check! The Salt room is a separate treatment, but as my friend Ami works for the brand, we were allowed to try it for free for 15 minutes – normally it’s 30 minutes for £35 if booked with a treatment. I think the Group packages offer the best value (from £79) so you get a bit of everything- or else, when you go to book online, there’s loads of add on options at the checkout page x


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