looking back on 2015

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]nother year gone! I’ve felt more reflective as this year, 2015, closes to an end. As I scroll through folders of photos I’ve taken, at the places we’ve been to and oh, just that little matter of getting married, 2015 has been the kind of year that I had as a child- seemingly endless, fun, and okay, life changing. Definitely an adventure.

My favourite 2015 moments:

Our Wedding! 12 years together and a year’s worth of planning; we got married on a hot Summer’s day in the city we call home. I was overwhelmed to see all of our friends and family in one place, just for us. Happy feels.

Discovering Morocco on our Minimoon. It was a small trip but a big adventure! Sandy deserts, beautiful mountainside treks, the sight and sounds of the souks and camels- it couldn’t have been more Aladdin.

This year we celebrated a lot of weddings. My favourite weekend away was to Camber Sands– the night before, we went down to the beach, played some cricket and I watched the sun go down. It was bliss and I really should book a weekend back to the seaside!

Not all adventures were far from home. I can’t believe I got a behind the scenes tour of St Paul’s Cathedral! It’s so beautiful and historical and it was amazing getting to walk down those famous spiral staircases and that birds eye view of the city below.

When we were in the midst of wedding planning fever, we packed up and headed to a Pick Your Own farm on the outskirts of London. Baskets of strawberries were filled and bags of giant courgettes were picked- I really want to go back again!

Oh! And I can’t forget the wonderful dinner hosted by Mastercard and the Southbank Centre; we had a delicious meal inside the Room for London installation on a roof. I know. Bonkers. Totes priceless even? 😉

Oh man, this is like an Oscar speech. I don’t want to leave anything out!

So, here’s to meeting one of my favourite bloggers, special dates to Duck & Waffle and crazy exhibitions, to amazing BFF dates with Ismay to gigs and food festivals, to just a wild, crazy, roller coaster ride of a year.

I can’t wait to meet you 2016. But you have very big shoes to fill.




Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

3 thoughts on “looking back on 2015”

  1. Sounds like an amazing year! The next one can only be better right? I can’t wait to continue to read your posts! Have a great New Year! 🙂
    xx Kenzie


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