my birthday thoughts

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hat do Vanessa Hudgens, Miranda Hart, Michael Owen, Nostradamus…oh, and me have in common? The 14th December, is our birthday. So yeah, today one year wiser etc etc! The older I get, the ‘grinchier’ I become when it comes to my own birthday. The curse of the December baby means your day is forever shadowed by the Christmas holiday, you have to compete with festive parties to lock down any day to celebrate your birthday with friends, and even then…it’s the holidays, everyone is broke. Instead, I prefer the more low key approach.

For my 30th, I made Robin take me to the Harry Potter Studio and then later made my friends wear animal onesies.

I was an owl, there was cake. It was nice.

This year, I made a reservation at Story for my birthday. I booked it months ago…and then last week I cancelled it. I’m permanently queasy at the moment, thanks to some medication I currently have to take, so decided I’d rather not waste a perfectly good meal. I just wanted a quiet, chilled out day this year.

Over the weekend, I had a roast dinner at a friend’s house and then some birthday cake time with my family. We had to light the candles again so my littlest nephew could blow out the candles too. I watched my Mum make her famous fried banana balls. I ate delicious Sri Lankan food wrapped in a banana leaf. And I fell asleep with two cats snuggled on me. I think that’s as super chilled and low key as you can get; and I was perfectly happy with that.

Birthday Grinch, over and out!

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

7 thoughts on “my birthday thoughts”

  1. Aww happy birthday Angela!! There’s always time for posh dinners when you’re feeling less queasy, I hope you’re feeling better now! Your 30th sounds absolutely perfect though! xxx


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