Christmas tree hunting


Christmas tree browsing 2

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his year, I was absolutely determined to get a real Christmas tree. I wanted the bushiest, tallest, most Narnia like tree that we could find. Robin assures me we’ve had real trees before, but I have zero recollection of this, which basically means, it officially never happened. So, like many others this weekend, we went a-hunting for our Christmas tree!

Christmas Tree Farm

Christmas Tree Farm 2

Christmas Tree browsing

I was fully prepared to get my elbows out down Stoke Newington at the local Christmas tree sale at the church yard, but a tip off from a friend meant we went to another quiet spot even close by. The small and narrow lot was turned into a mini forest of Christmas trees in different sizes. Elbows were put away, but I did have to stop myself from jumping over a little girl to get to the tree I wanted. The seller asked me what kind of tree I wanted and without skipping a beat , I said,

“The biggest, fattest one you’ve got”

He gave me the side eye. I grinned back.

“You’ll be wanting this one then” he said.



Christmas Tree Decorating 4

Having picked The One, him and Robin carried it out of the lot to get wrapped up in netting again.

For a second, it looked like I would be walking home, which would not be a good thing, because it was windy and cold thanks to Desmond that day.

(Who even names a storm Desmond anyway?)

We squeezed all 7 foot of the tree into the car and half carried half dragged her through our front door.

Christmas Tree Decorating 1

Christmas Tree Decorating 3

The tree is HUGE. Ridiculously so, but you know, I just really fancied a big tree this year. Even if she does take up a big chunk of the living room. I can smell pine leaves from the bedroom!

Anyway, I put on some Christmas tunes, because that is a must, and started to decorate her. I made Robin throw a star on top before he left for the evening and then sat down with my little maniac…

Louie vs the bells

Decorations and Hot Chocolate 2

He is very into bells. Anything that jingles, jangles or makes a sound, he wants to eat it.

So, having a bucket of 50 jangly bells, was just…well, it made his Saturday night.

By the time I finished my hot chocolate, I had Michael Buble on in full swing and had threaded an impressive haul of decorations.

Jingly Bells

Christmas Tree Decorating 8

Every year I have this little tradition of mine, to get one or two new baubles for the tree. Since this year’s tree is behemoth, I had to get a whole bunch of decorations to fill in the gaps.

Christmas Tree Decorating 9

Tree Trimmed Finished

Christmas Tree Decorating 6

West Elm have some really nice decorations out- my favourite being the bottlebrush penguin with glittery ear muffs! I also got this red and white striped pom pom garland and some felt snowflakes to hang too.

The candy canes are a bulk buy from Poundland- a box of 12 for £1. I get them every year because it ties in the whole Whoville-Dr Seuss look. I’ve seen the same ones in high street department stores for £5 so cheeeeers Poundland!

John Lewis also have some really nice decorations too for good prices- I came home with a few boxes of baubles and bells for about £20.

I’ve also been googling how to make popcorn garlands because I’ve had a packet of popcorn in the cupboard for months and I feel like my girl here needs a few more garlands to dress her up all fancy like!

Louie and the Tree 1

My little helper!

The furry babes are not really sure why there’s a tree in their house, but I’m happy to report that there has been no tree climbing or bauble breakages so far.

Just having the tree up and the decorations, and pine cones, and garlands and wreaths out…makes a huge difference. The weather is grim outside, but inside, we’re keeping it cosy.

Have you got your tree up yet? Do you have any tree time traditions?

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

11 thoughts on “Christmas tree hunting”

  1. I’m all about the tree! I love the little penguin with the muffs, so cuuute! Also your cat is freaking adorable!


  2. I had a real Christmas tree the first time I got my own flat on Christmas and even though it smelt amazing it was a horror to come home to after going to my parent’s for the Christmas hols! Yours looks really incredible, you definitely got the best of the bunch!

    Mel ♥


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