we’re all mad here

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]ho remembers that scene from There’s Something About Mary, when Woogie-Mary’s ex boyfriend- shows up towards the end with a face breaking out in lumpy red hives, being all crazy and deluded? Because that is how I feel! Right now! I feel  like a human being patched together with polyfiller. I will rename this blog Polyfiller Girl.

Maybe it’s the crazy Woogie in me, but fun things I have been seeing to lately:

I booked a flight to New York for next Spring- USA! USA!

I bought satin pyjamas, because I wanted to look and feel like TLC’s Creep video this winter.

I decorated my office with Christmas things and it now looks like someone’s weird old Auntie was let loose in here (although, just they wait until my silver Moroccan baubles arrive!)

Have you downloaded the Jinn app? Don’t. Because it will open up a whole new world of lunch options and you will spiral out of control.

Running into your local DPD delivery driver when you are nowhere near the office and he will recognise you and say Hey want to sign for your package whilst you’re here? And you won’t bat an eyelid and will instead be like THANKS ABDUL!

Trying to order the Candy K Lip Kit from Kylie Jenner along with 12 million of her other followers. HAHAHA. No. Did not succeed.

I am currently grateful for leggings and oversized shirts. Elastic waistbands, can’t beat it.

Realising you have written a bonkers blog post. Get back in the box Woogie!

(…also, I’m waiting for my lunch delivery from Jinn. I told you. Don’t do it)

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

5 thoughts on “we’re all mad here”

  1. LOVE THIS, I too am also on first name terms with my DPD driver. Hey Imran *waves* – glad I’m not the only one xx


  2. Congrats on the upcoming trip to NYC! I love it there and sometimes I forget that many of my blogger friends aren’t from the States so that’s an international trip for them. 🙂


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