Life Lately | pistachio feathers

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he other day, after brunch at Hotel Chantelle, Ismay and I went to do a little bit of shopping. I wanted to pop into Fortnum and Mason to get Christmassy and cosy and we both wanted to stop into Victoria’s Secret on the way. First of all- queues to get into Victoria’s Secret! Is that a thing? Or just on weekends? Either way, we went in and by the time we walked out an hour or so later, I had a bottle of perfume on my wishlist- Eau So Sexy. The name is horrendous, the bottle is tacky, but the scent? It’s so good.

Walking through Mayfair, I exclaimed “the puh…peh…pistachio feather lights! they’re so pretty” I meant to say peacock feathers. And that about sums up my brain activity this week. I feel like I have stuff to say and just no words to articulate it. I has words yah? It’s like the opposite of blogger’s block.

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The other day I also ate half a strawberry trifle and then fell asleep. Not connected to anything, but I just wanted to share that, because #goals

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After I got home from work on Monday night, I realised that Pepper was limping and refusing to put any weight on his foot. An appointment with the vet was made for the morning. Robin and I woke up, got dressed and then discovered that Louie was also walking with a limp and refusing to use his paw. So both were bundled into the car and both of them ended up going to the vet. As soon as they got there- not only did Pepper do his routine poop protest- but they walked around the examining room without a care in the world. They literally moonwalked around the surgery. The vet was like…are you sure they’re hurt?

It was decided nothing was wrong with Louie and that he was just copying his brother. Copying. His brother.

Moonwalking little plonkers.

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So back to Fortum’s. I love their window displays, possibly even more than Selfridges? They always capture that old whimsical style and I like wandering around the Christmas floor picking up baubles and garlands and sitting by (fake) fires. Also, their doormen are really nice.

Like little old ladies, Ismay and I sat down in The Parlour (a really cute ice cream parlous inside the store) and with audible oohs and ahhs, sat down for a couple of hours to drink tea. Little old ladies. Maybe one day we’ll take up knitting, or more realistically, we’ll talk about taking up knitting and go eat instead.

Let’s see, a couple of links of recently enjoyed things…

This still makes me laugh, every damn time!

And so does this

Excited for ALL of this

This Etsy shop that custom makes Harry Potter knitted jumpers



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