Test driving the Hyundai Tucson

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ELLO, my name is Angela and I do not have a driving licence. That’s right. At my age, I still can’t (legally) drive. Spoiled by the London public transport system, I was happy with my Oyster card. I knew every route to get from North to South, from East to West. So I was happy in my bubble. It wasn’t until Robin got a car this summer that I realised, hold on. Having a car is awesome. And so I’m converted! It has been great having a car in London. But you know what’s even better? Having a bigger car in London!

Hyundai lent me their new compact SUV for the weekend, the Hyundai Tucson. It’s bigger than our regular hatchback but definitely not a giant Chelsea tractor either. And also thank you Hyundai for trusting me with your shiny new expensive car, especially because I’m the kind of person who drops her iPhone onto her face.

Hyundai Tucson Blog Review 11


Hyundai Tucson Blog Review 10

Of course, it rained on Saturday. Which still didn’t stop me from sliding the sun roof open to pop my head out and shout ‘woooo

First on my list of Tucson testing- using it to tackle some Christmas shopping.

Down the rainy motorway we went, towards the outskirts of the Enfield suburbs. For there lies a humongous Toys R Us, in a busy retail park, begging to be explored for a few hours.

I was worried that parking on a busy Saturday in a big retail park would be tricky, but with a camera sensor at the back of the car- we swung into the first available spot without any problems. It wasn’t any trickier maneuvering into the space than with our regular car.

Hyundai Tucson Blog Review 9

Hyundai Tucson Blog Review 8

There’s ample boot space, so much so, my once impressive shopping haul looked rather feeble once placed inside it. In fact, fitting everything into the boot was as easy as touching a button. Because there is a button for everything.

 A button on the car keys to pop the boot open and then another button on the boot door to shut it again.

A button to switch the engine on, and a magic button called Auto Hold for those times you’re stuck on a hill.

A button to adjust the temperature of the steering wheel and leather seats- extra toasty for those cold morning starts!

Another button on the side of the passenger seat to adjust the position- I sighed in relief as I got the lumbar support just right.

Zero exertion. This car’s motto should be don’t worry, be happy.

So far, so good.

Now for Sunday, we were heading into the city, for some breakfast in Shoreditch.

Hyundai Tucson Blog Review 1

Hyundai Tucson Blog Review 3

Hyundai Tucson Blog Review 15

It comes with built in sat nav, so we were able to wind through the narrow Shoreditch streets to avoid the many road closures.

Just press Maps on the dashboard, and it comes up on the generously sized screen.

Hyundai Tucson Dashboard Sat Nav

Hyundai Tucson Blog Review 6

Hyundai Tucson Blog Review 7

We moved away from the bustle of Hoxton Square and got some grub at Shoreditch Bake across the road…

Full English Breakfast in Shoreditch

Sundays call for a Full English!

(They also serve some really nice pie and mash in here too)

After breakfast, we browsed some homeware shops picking out sofas and furniture for our pretend gigantic house. I never tire of Shoreditch’s ever changing streets, it’s perfect for mooching and wandering on a sleepy afternoon.

Shoreditch Vintage Building Sign

Shoreditch Toykyo Nights Wall

Shoreditch Tokyo Nights

New and Old London Buildings 2

Hyundai Tucson Blog Review 17

On the drive back home, I asked Robin what he liked most about driving the Tucson. So my husband, a man of few words…

It’s got good navigation and responsive steering. I like the touch screen, it’s a feature I wish we had in our regular car. The parking sensors are good and the camera sensor at the back makes it much easier to park in tight spaces

I felt that the Tucson was that little bit extra special and stylish compared to other cars- and it really is compact, not being that much bigger than our hatchback. It’s wider and has much more room and the fully adjustable seating was a bonus- a good family car as Robin pointed out. I wouldn’t disregard it as a ‘city car’ either, as the compact size means you still have the advantage of an SUV but the size that adapts better to narrow city streets.

I loved pretending it was mine for the weekend! It was bittersweet saying goodbye to it on Monday.

Head to Hyundai to find out more about the Tucson (and give it a loving pat from me!)


Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

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