Happy -almost-Halloween! I’ve picked up some trick or treat bits and even a bit of Halloween tinsel (tinsel!) but truth be told…I’ve been sniffing around getting a list sorted for Christmas because if I don’t start planning now, I’ll never catch up. With a blog redesign in the works, this month will be the last month for sidebar sponsorships. It’s bittersweet as I love writing my sponsor roundups every month, but I have a few ideas whirring on how I can introduce something similar in the future. This month, I’ve continued following the adventures of my blogging pals Angie and Honey, and discovered Danielle’s handy London guide.

Danielle Things To Do In London


Dani writes the easy to read guide to London, full of activities and interesting to do in this big old city. Since I’ve been here as a student, it’s refreshing to see the city through new eyes and it’s packed with handy links that would be a real help for anyone new to the capital. Tips for making new friends? healthy (and fun!) activities to try? and what would a London blog be without a link to some tasty burger restaurants! Things to Do in London is a handy guide- keep it bookmarked the next time you need some ideas 🙂

Silverspoon London


I’m not sure Angie’s blog needs any introductions! A major name in the London foodie scene, Angie writes Silverspoon London, a wonderful blog absolutely packed with amazing places to wine and dine in the capital, as well as exotic locations abroad. October has been a busy month for Silverspoon; with adventures in Bali and currently St Lucia, your wanderlust will be at a peak when browsing Angie’s blog. My favourite restaurant this month (that I’ve been dying to try) is Nopi (how lush does the food look!) And if we’re talking lush food, I can’t not mention this Bourne & Hollingsworth brunch!

Girl Next Shore


Happy Birthday to Honey! Not only do you need to hop on over to Honey’s sunny blog to wish her some birthday greetings, but because, well…food. Goodman’s for her birthday celebration, french fancies at Jean-Jacques, and my favourite (I can feel my tongue salivating now) Kurobuta. Honey’s restaurant index boasts something for everyone- from high end to cheap and cheerful or little known sushi spots. She’s been nominated in the Phillipine Blogging Awards- give her a vote here!

And that concludes October’s sidebar sponsors! I’m not sure what the future holds for my Sidebar Superstar series. I’m having a think about how to keep bringing you new blogs to read every month that will be in keeping with the new layout, so watch this space. I couldn’t be happier concluding it with these wonderful girls! x

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London


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