sweet nothings

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]h man, as much as Autumn gets romanticised- crunchy brown leaves on the pavement, boots, tartan scarves and snuggling takeaway coffee cups to your chest– the realities of it are, meh, not so much. I think I’ve spent the entire season so far battling some sort of cold, clutching tissues in a sweaty hand. While it’s nice to be reunited with my trusty brown boots again, the sweat and itch of those formerly ‘cosy’ layers when you’re packed onto a busy tube or the bouffiness of my hair from muggy days… that part, not so much. I’m a throw on a dress or a t shirt and walk out the door kind of person, so always a Summer girl at heart. Going to a laidback international school in the Far East, there may even have been a few times I would go to school in the shorts and t shirt I had worn the night before. Loooooow low maintenance.


Where am I going with this post? Nowhere in particular. Sometimes it’s nice to write a blog post that isn’t about a specific topic or place. I would like to ramble about how nice it is to fall asleep sandwiched between two cats, that I prefer the American version of The Office over the UK’s, that this year I’ve decided we need to have a real Christmas tree (and may have brainstormed some Christmas dinner ideas), that leaving a candle burning overnight (don’t worry, it was in a jar on a mantelpiece) by accident will leave your house smelling wonderful for days, and that so far, my break up with coffee is going well. Me and Assam tea are getting along just great.

Things may be a little bit quieter around here at the moment, but that’s because I’m  spending my free time putting together ideas for the redesign. Renovating my real life home and renovating my online home! Because, why not. I have a week in Ireland coming up and then a fun collaboration in the works, so it’ll pick up-but for now, please enjoy my mental musings and sympathise with Robin that he married this loon 😉

Some interesting linky links:

-25% off Shopbop with code INTHEFAM25 because you can never have enough Madewell and Zoe Karssen products.

The Lunar Chronicles: a YA spin on the old fairy tale adventures. It’s like Disney meets Star Wars; it’s a good, sassy read that I’m suprised I really enjoyed!

– A Cup of Jo’s series called Motherhood Around the World. It’s been a fascinating series to read and I’m sad it’s finished.

–  Robin thinks I’m really weird, but I’m SO into this Youtube channel called Miniature Space. It’s Japanese cooking in a tiny, dollhouse sized kitchen! It’s awesome.

-My sister sent me this link to My Deer Art Shop, it has the most beautiful prints. Naturally, I want all the watercolor tropical leaves.

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

7 thoughts on “sweet nothings”

  1. You know, I actually really like blog posts like this! Like a chatty diary entry! And I’d never heard of the Lunar Chronicles but they sound right up my street, so thank you for linking to them – I’m buried in an excerpt right now! xx


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