mercury in retrograde & a rubbish week

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]ercury is in retrograde. Which means, for me at least, that this week has been leaning more towards the not so good side than the awesome side. I’ve had a rotten head cold all week, I’ve dealt with a couple more panic attacks, the muggy air and rain turns me into a sweaty, frizzy haired mess, and it feels like I have a list of things as long as my arm to sort out. Damn you Mercury, stop being all retrogradey!

It’s hard to find the silver lining when it’s been one of those weeks. Things that have helped me plod along:

-Foxes. Not the animal that drives me crazy but Foxes, as in singer. I love her voice. You’ll love her voice. It legit helped me breath through an oncoming panic attack. If you like sweeping choruses Florence and The Machine style, you’ll like her too.

-The comedic genius of Stephenie Meyer’s 10th year anniversary edition of Twilight- with a gender swapping twist. I’ve had a good chuckle re-reading the love story of Beau and Edyth. Does this mean I’m Team Jules now? (Yes, my favourite Wolf Boy is now called Julie)

-The Great British Bake Off! SO sad it’s over! So happy that Nadiya won! To be honest, I loved all three of the finalists so it was always going to be a happy ending for me. She had me in tears- and I never cry at the TV- because her family’s reaction was just the sweetest, loveliest thing to watch.

-I bought a near identical jumper from Forever 21 that twins with Isabel Marant’s Samuel sweater. The very same sweater that I spotted on Lily Aldridge as she floated through the lobby at The Edition earlier this year.  I snatched it up and pressed Checkout, but the next day…GONE! Sold out or pulled off the shelves?

-Working on a blog redesign! This is the most exciting thing for me; I’m putting together a lookbook of sorts to send off.

-Getting my hair done at Vision N16 by Ashley– so fresh and so clean clean! I feel like a big weight was taken off- literally- my hair is heavy!

-Hot water and lemon is a bit of a revelation. I’ve swapped my daily coffee for this and to be honest, I swear it’s staved off my head cold into becoming a full blown lurgy. I feel less sluggish, and I haven’t been finding it as difficult to fall asleep at night. Consider me a convert.

-Counting down to Dublin in a couple of weeks! I can’t wait for some Barry’s Tea 🙂

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

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