Autumn and Winter homeware from George.

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]n the home front, we have plans to extend our little one bed flat to get some much coveted space! We’ve had an architect come round to take measurements and I’m hoping we’ll get to submit a planning application not long after. So with all those ambitious plans and what if’s up in the air, little changes and additions to the house help satisfy my urge for change. George. offered me some pieces from their new Autumn/Winter homeware collection, and I couldn’t resist. Homeware makes me happy. I’m a little home body and there’s nothing I enjoy more than prettying up my nest!

George Asda Homeware Harmony Morocco Lantern 3

With Morocco still fresh in my mind, I was delighted to find this Moroccan inspired silver lantern in the Harmony collection. I placed a Driftwood scented candle inside so when I light it up in the evenings, I’m reminded of our lovely trip instantly.

George Asda Homeware Moroccan Lantern

Later that night, I made a slow cooked stew using this sleek black tagine dish, also from the Harmony range.

George Asda Harmony Tagine Dish 3

Back into the living room, I picked out this geometric embroidered cushion from the same collection to match my sofa cushions (also from the Harmony collection)

Louie decided to get in and help show them off!

George Asda Homeware Tundra Cushion 2

George Asda Homeware Tundra Cushion

Anyone else match their cushions to their cat’s eyes? Anyone? anyone?….

Yellow is my favourite colour, so the yellow piping on the edges of the cushion caught my attention- as well as matching the rest of the cushions I already have.

And I’m fully aware the cushion to sofa ratio is pretty unbalanced but…I get some nice naps out of it.

For the bedroom, I couldn’t resist the sweet forest animal bedsheets which made a nice change from our usual plain ones- found here in the Hibernate collection.

Also modelled by Louie again. Showoff.

George Asda Forest Bed Sheets

George Asda Homeware Hibernate Forest Bed Linen 7

George Asda Homeware Hibernate Forest Bed Linen

George Asda Homeware Hibernate Forest Bed Linen 5

Clearly, I favoured the Harmony collection out of all the different themes on offer, but there were bits and pieces that I loved from each one- and the great thing about George. is that you know you won’t burn a hole in your pocket, as everything is so reasonably priced.

Have you seen the collection yet? Which one is your favourite?

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

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