This is it. This is Autumn. As I left the house this morning, my breath steamed through the crisp air and I had to pull my coat collar up to keep warm. Waiting for a train, queuing for a coffee, or just catching up at bedtime, I’ve been following these ladies for longer than just September. Jasmine’s tech tips and recent holiday snaps are wonderful, Angie’s been jetsetting to the Far East and Honey has been making me hungry with her restaurant reviews and been a bella babe in Milan. This way for more…

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If you haven’t come across Jasmin’s blog yet, I suggest you bookmark it immediately. I really like her JC Tech series as she makes it easy to understand the fiddly ins and outs of blogging. In fact, she was one of the speakers at the Big Blogger’s Conference imparting her wisdom on SEO to a packed out room. Despite being married to a Scot, I never fully appreciated how beautiful Scotland is, and Jasmin’s trip to the Highlands looked beautiful. We’re talking lush green valleys and castles (and agree, neeps and tatties are delicious!) I’m totally digging her latest post at Kew Gardens because I bloody love that place- it’s beautiful and romantic. I caught up with Jasmin at blogging event recently, and she’s got some US bound trips coming up- make sure you follow along!


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I could gush about Honey all day- true to her name, Honey is one of the sweetest, loveliest bloggers I know (and also one of the first I made friends with!) This month, I’ve been reading along with her Italian adventures in Milan. On my bucket list (and maybe everyone’s bucket list?) is gorging on delicious pasta in a beautiful Italian city. Like this. Now all I want is a big plate of tagliatelle and parmesan. With a side of stunning Italian architecture too please. London may have St Paul’s, but Milan has the Duomo Cathedral– it looks like Milan personified in it’s elegance. I’m not sure if I’m more sad that I don’t have those amazing blue shoes of Honey’s or that I have yet to stand and marvel at the cathedral. Italian adventures aside, Honey will always have a London spot to recommend; consider the Riding House Cafe on my list!


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If you fancy a bit of escapism in your blog reading, then you really need to look no further than Silverspoon London. Angie’s blog is a big encyclopedia of luxury dining and destinations, that will have you bookmarking for days. I’ve especially loved her recent travel posts to Bali- because Far East love and all that- and her stay at the Four Seasons makes me wish that it was Summer all over again. Catching up over her Indonesian dinner experiences and shots of that gorgeous beachy landscape have made me long to return to Asia! Have fun perusing her travel section– it’ll be a Pinterest dream. Exotic locations aside, back on London soil, nothing has sparked a sushi craving so fierce than her post about Murakami. You’ll love Silverspoon London!


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Have a lovely weekend everyone x

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London


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