Le Cinq Djellabas Hotel | Morocco

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]ur hotel in Morocco was a dream. When researching hotels for our trip away, I stumbled across the hotel on Tripadvisor where it had zero negative feedback! Curious, I had a look and found only glowing reviews for this boutique resort. So that was settled, this was going to be our base for our first time in Morocco. I know it was a little out of the norm to not stay in a riad, but I can’t imagine not returning here after our stay. Our only itinerary was to laze by the pool for a few days (that was thrown out the window as soon as we went quad biking!) There are only 10 bungalows on sight, peppered around a green orchard of olive trees, candle lit lanterns and gravel pathways…with so few guests, it meant we often felt like we had the place to ourselves!


Morocco Les Cinq Djellabas Hotel Bungalow 2

There it is! Bungalow 9, our home for the week and only a few steps away from the swimming pool. It was surrounded by banana trees and hibiscus flowers, and we had breakfast outside every morning.

( & the only time you’ll see me wake up early for breakfast)

Every morning started with buttery croissants, eggs, fresh Moroccan bread and cake, yogurt, honey and jam with really strong coffee and the sweetest fresh orange juice I’ve ever had.

Le Cinq Djellabas Hotel Breakfast in Garden

Morocco Les Cinq Djellabas Hotel Gardens 3

As it was such an intimate setting, there was no set schedule for the day. In the afternoon, one of the members of staff would pop by with a dinner menu- and whenever you fancied dinner, you could stop by the dining room and either have your meal on the veranda outside, or on the lawn. In the evenings, the lanterns lighting up the paths were lit, and the symphony of crickets was the only noise in the air.

The hotel owner also runs one of the best restaurants in Marrakech, Le Foundouk, so all the food was prepared by the same kitchen (hence ordering dinner ahead every day) We ate all over the city, but to be honest, it was the meals at the hotel that I enjoyed the most.

In fact, writing this is making me relive my favourite dish that I had everyday- fruit salad with orange sorbet. Simple, but just out of this world good. I don’t think I’ve tasted oranges as sweet as the ones I had in Morocco!

Outdoor dinner Le Cinq Djellabas Hotel Morocco

The gardens of Le Cinq Djellabas Morocco

Standing in the front door of my fort!

It was a welcome relief stepping through these doors when we returned from our day trips.



It’s huge and airy- and surprisingly- very stylish and modern when you walk in.

Ever since I was little, I’d pretend that whatever hotel we were staying in was our home. I still get that feeling-aren’t my plants looking good in the main foyer? 😉

After you check in, you go through the double doors and step into the green orchard, through winding pathways and then finally to your designated bungalow. We booked a Deluxe bungalow for our stay- which meant we had the addition of a clawfoot bath tub and four poster bed.

Four Poster Bed Le Cinq Djellabas

Wool Blanket Le Cinq Djellabas Morocco

Deluxe Bungalow Le Cinq Djellabas Morocco

Decor wise, the hotel plays on it’s North African roots- think rich orange colours, leather and lots of Africa inspired photography and art.

Inside each bungalow is a cosy fireplace for the chillier months, a living room area and a lovely spa like bathroom. The marble shower area was my favourite bit because you could sit your tush on the marble bench whilst the water from the rainforest shower splashed over you.

Les Cinq Djellabas Bathroom Suite

The hotel arranged massage treatments for me- I spent an nice hour one afternoon after quad biking, covered head to toe in rosewater scented oils. Afterwards, I had a soak in the clawfoot tub and my head barely peeked out at the top, it was that big.

Morocco Les Cinq Djellabas Hotel Pool 4 Morocco Les Cinq Djellabas Hotel pool 2

Every morning, towels would be ready and waiting on our sunbeds- and from time to time, the hotel’s resident ginger cat would swan around too and join us in an afternoon snooze.

Morocco Les Cinq Djellabas Hotel pool 1

Le Cinq Djellabas Hotel Morocco Bungalow 9

Sculpture Morocco

Le Cinq Djellabas terrace

Le Cinq Djellabas Lobby

Le Cinq Djellabas is about a 15 minute drive outside of the city, so after a crazy day of sightseeing and wandering it was so nice to get away from the hustle and bustle. All the other guests were on their own time too, so it felt really private the whole time we were there.

After the stress and adrenaline of the past few days, it was quiet enough for me to relax but near enough to the city for Robin to stretch his itchy feet. The hotel arranged everything for us from day trips to spa treatments- they made it too easy!

I loved Le Cinq Djellabas, and I can’t wait to go back.

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

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