let’s hug it out

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t’s Monday. Let’s face it- the worst day of the week. It’s dreary outside and the only good thing in the grey morning is that mug of coffee currently sat next to you. At least it is for me. Getting out of bed as the mornings get chillier and decidedly more winter like feels especially harder when one of your fat cats burrows himself under the duvet next to you for a warm snuggle.

So, let’s start off Monday nicely. Here are some recent happenings and things:

Oh Gosh Cindy is back with her own online shop! I have many of her amazing prints. Frenchy is my all time favourite, but oh gosh, this Jon Snow one is everything.

Popping into Pets at Home on Saturday for a cat collar and leaving 30 minutes later with a car boot full of cat toys, food and fluffy things. A rabbit was briefly considered. Also, watching your cat on catnip never gets old.

This coat from Zara. I know, I know- Oy with the poodles, my obsession with anything remotely Isabel Marant inspired. The embroidery and fringing makes me want to stop, drop and roll.

I’m getting really stuck into my books at the moment and I’m almost finished with The Shepherd’s Crown by Terry Pratchett. Finishing a good book makes me sad because it takes ages to find another equally good one to get lost in- suggestions on a postcard please!

Watermelon post it notes. They cheer up my work space.

Putting a face to a name! I also met the lovely Katy Orme yesterday who’s apartment tour I read on Design Sponge– Pinterest boards at the ready.

I popped into Maitre Choux with Jasiminne yesterday. I ate a bag of Chouquettes before I got home and saved the eclairs for dessert later that night. Worth the price tag (and lactose induced tummy ache!)

Maitre Choux South Kensington

And finally, for cheap thrills, use code FALLIN for 20% off Autumn Essentials on boohoo.com (valid from tomorrow!)

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

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