The Lawn at the Tower Hotel | London

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]ne of the slight adjustments to life recently is the fact that any spare moment I have no longer has to be dedicated to all things “Wedding”. It felt nice to slip my feet back into the blogging world with a picnic by the river with Joes Bloggers and Guoman Hotels. The Tower Hotel probably has the best view of any in the city- it’s right next to the iconic Tower Bridge and if that doesn’t scream London, I don’t know what does.

Guoman Hotels The Tower London 1

This area of the river is beautiful- you get a lovely view of all the city’s landmarks from the Gherkin, the Walkie Talkie, the Shard as well as City Hall and HMS Belfast anchored nearby, with of course Tower Bridge standing tall and proud. The Tower Hotel, standing quietly in the shadow of Tower Bridge is also a stone’s throw away from St Katherine’s Dock (where we stopped off on our cabbie tour that time!)

Guoman Hotels The Tower London 4

Guoman Hotels The Tower London 3

Guoman Hotels The Tower London 6

If I was a visitor to London, throwing open the curtains in the morning to this view would be puh-retty amazing.

My cab driver dropped me off on the opposite side of the bridge to where I needed to be, but I didn’t mind one bit as it meant I got to walk over the bridge and take in some sights before meeting everyone down on The Lawn for our picnic.

The Lawn at The Tower Hotel The Lawn at The Tower Hotel 2

This turfed out area is right by the river, and has it’s own bar so you can enjoy a drink, watch the boats lazily roll by, and if you hang around long enough, watch the sun go down.

The Tower Hotel had provided us with a box of picnic snacks for supper, so, I plonked myself down onto the turf to eat. Priorities people.

Guoman Hotels The Tower London 8 Guoman Hotels The Tower London Picnic Tea Guoman Hotels The Tower London 9 Guoman Hotels The Tower London Pastry Tart

With the little finger sandwiches, pastries and scones, it was basically an afternoon tea in a box, or, the best packed lunch in the world.

I scoffed down my sarnies, so I could get to the best bit- the pastries box! This fruit tart was lovely- patisserie creme, mmm- and also, the mini lemon meringue mini pie? Brilliant. I am dessert’s number one fan, so much so, that at our wedding, I couldn’t pick one dessert dish and we ended up having two (lemon meringue pie AND chocolate brioche pudding)

Joes Bloggers Picnic At The Tower

Guoman Hotels The Tower London 7

It was rather pleasant sitting on the ground, legs crossed, listening to the sounds of the river. It was that magical time of day hit, golden hour, just as the sun is starting to go down, and once again, I whipped my camera out because you can never have too many photos of the sun setting. Especially when you’re picnicking next to Tower Bridge.

Sunset over the Thames

Tower Bridge Sunset

The Lawn is directly opposite the Tower Hotel entrance- it’s a great spot for a sundowner and to watch the river mosy on by- and it’s not even obnoxiously busy, a rarity in London, especially in this area. You can cheers to Tower Bridge as the sun goes down!

The Tower
St Katharine’s Way,
Phone: 0871 376 9036

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

One thought on “The Lawn at the Tower Hotel | London”

  1. I love the area. On my first trip to London we stayed here. It was certainly breath-taking to see London in the morning for the first time from the Tower Hotel.


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