Beautiful Le Jardin Marjorelle in Marrakech

[dropcap]N[/dropcap]umber one on my list of places to visit in Morocco was Le Jardin Majorelle. In the terracotta landscape that is Marrakech, the vibrant colours and lush greenery here are truly an oasis in this city. Named after Jacques Majorelle, a French artist, painter and botanist, you can’t visit Marrakech without paying this garden oasis a visit. It’s two and half acres so you can spend a happy hour here wandering around amongst the trees and ponds and those famous blue walls…

Jardin Majorelle Morocco Marrakesh 14

Jardin Majorelle Morocco 3

Within the walls of the garden is a memorial to Yves Saint Laurent- in fact, the street it is on is also named after the famous designer. You can get tickets at the gate, to either just walk through the gardens or visit the Berber museum too, for 70 Dirhams per person (that’s less than a fiver each!) We chose to just walk through the garden as we had another day trip planned that included a Berber museum visit anyway.

Jardin Majorelle Morocco 1

As you enter through the gate and duck under the hanging vines, you find yourself in an mosaic alcove with a water fountain at the centre. From there, you just follow the red path around the garden.

Le Jardin Majorelle Marrakech The Awkward Blog

Jardin Majorelle Morocco Marrakesh 10

Jardin Majorelle Morocco Marrakesh 12

Jardin Majorelle Path Morocco

There’s a water fountain that runs the length of the garden, sectioning off different areas of plants. One moment you find yourself walking past a bamboo forest or palm trees and the next, you’re facing giant cacti and succulents.

Jardin Majorelle Morocco Marrakesh 7

Jardin Majorelle Morocco Marrakesh 8

It took Jacques Marjorelle 40 years to complete his garden. The pops of blue I fell in love with here were replicated all over the city- I wonder which came first. Within these walls, you forget the chaos of the city outside. In here, it’s quiet, shady, and contemplative.

Jardin Majorelle Morocco Marrakesh 11

Jardin Majorelle Pond Morocco

Jardin Majorelle Morocco 2

I stopped by the Yves Saint Laurent memorial but for someone’s whose fashion designs are world renowned, the memorial was really simple.

Memorial Yves Saint Laurent Jardin Majorelle Morocco

Jardin Majorelle Morocco Marrakesh 18

Yves Saint Laurent bought the property from Jacques Majorelle and lived there for many years with his partner. It was also here that his ashes were scattered when he passed away in 2008. Amongst all the pomp and grandeur of the fashion world, I like the idea that in his memory, is a simple, shady spot in the garden marked by this sculpture.

Continuing onwards, the path snaked all the way round until I reached a huge pond dotted with lily pads, and the Berber Museum in that striking blue colour. Away from the shade of the trees, the water fountain by the museum was really glaringly bright.

Jardin Majorelle Morocco Marrakesh 17

That’s when I ducked back into the shade of the walkway!

Plus, these tropical leaves were calling me. I’m obsessed with these giant leaves and want to cover my house in them- on cushions, on prints, in vases! They’re so lush!

Jardin Majorelle Morocco Marrakesh 6

Jardin Majorelle Morocco Marrakesh 14

Jardin Majorelle Morocco Marrakesh 16

The moment you realise you have come to Le Jardin Majorelle, dressed as Le Jardin Marjorelle 😐

By the time we finished off our walk, it was going on 3 o clock. The main attractions and museums in Marrakech close at 5pm or 5:30pm, so we had to get a move on to catch the rest of the sights in the city!

Jardin Majorelle Morocco Marrakesh 4

A quick twirl and we were on our way into the Medina…

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

16 thoughts on “Beautiful Le Jardin Marjorelle in Marrakech”

  1. I love the colours of the green and blue everywhere!! And love that your skirt matches it all! It looks like a beautiful hotel.

    C x | Lux Life


  2. This place looks so amazing! I’d love to go there myself. Beautiful pictures 🙂

    Jas } } photography & life


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