August- you’ve been a crazy month! Life has certainly changed from the beginning of the month to now as we approach into September (and Autumn!…too soon?) I’ve known and followed these two blogging aces for almost as long as my blog has been online and with all the big Life Changes happening, I know that Angie and Honey have been ‘in’ my wedding shoes too- that’s the beauty of blogging, it’s a pleasure to share our stories with one another!  If you’re a foodie, their blogs will be gold mine of info and yummy photos.

Honey Girl Next Shore


I’ve started making sure that I’ve already eaten or am at least armed with a snack when I catch up with Honey’s blog. August has taken her to some stomach rumbling good restaurants- I wanted to cry when I saw her photo diary on Singapore’s food, because A) home food and B) so much deliciousness. After returning from Morocco, it was nice to reminisce over our trip with her post about Momo’s on Heddon Street- I’m still not over the meltingly tender lamb tagines that we ate but nothing a visit here won’t sort out! Sushi is a favourite in our household and I really fancy booking a date night at Roka, simply for the black cod in miso- if Honey says order it, order it. In non foodie related news, I’m so happy that after nine years in the UK, she’s finally a UK resident, yay!

Silverspoon London


Angie has been chasing the sun this month- I’ve adored reading about her trip to Cannes, in the south of France. Drenched with sun, sea, and amazing looking food- it’s more than enough to start my next holiday daydream- especially in this typical rainy British weather! Ever the ultimate foodie, Angie still manages to dedicate a glorious food post, with a date night with Mr Silverspoon at Baoli. Summer holidays aside, Angie takes us from the South of France to South West London, to The Botanist in Sloane Square. I used to walk past this regularly on my way to work last year and am kicking myself for not venturing in- the photos look divine. A regular on the London food scene, beware of visiting Angie’s blog if you’re hungry!

Other favourites:

PIP’S ATTIC: Pay Jess’s new blog a visit! It’s a trove of historically inspired DIY’s and crafts, food and drink and a precious pup called Thor. My favourite post  | Scottish Special- Balmoral 

As the last week of August awaits us, life is slowly returning to normal. I’m creeping through neglected emails and getting back into the blogging swing of things. If you would like to feature on a monthly Sidebar Superstar post, check out my Passionfruit page for rates and stats 🙂

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

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