Comfort at the Town Hall Hotel

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]ays before my wedding, I blew off last minute prep and accepted an invitation from Abi at The Aptmt to spend the afternoon chilling out at the Town Hall Hotel with Canestan. At this point, I hadn’t slept properly all week (alot of 3am bedtimes!) I had eyebags for days, and I was going mad trying to schedule the logistics for the day- Abi’s invite couldn’t have arrived at a better time. An afternoon making candles, getting a massage, and just chilling out with new bloggers was the perfect getaway to save my sanity.

Kris Atomic - 4f1a3a4a-3faf-11e5-82cf-92ce347ad47a - Web

Kris Atomic - 785a3002-3fb1-11e5-a970-92ce347ad47a - Web

Kris Atomic - 66bc428c-3fb0-11e5-b1f9-aee5d44592c4 - Web

Kris Atomic - adb38dc8-3fb3-11e5-9f4c-92ce347ad47a - Web

It was also the chance to hang out with one of my favourite bloggers- Jaclyn– and rant and rave about all things wedding related and have a nice catchup. We arrived at the stunning Town Hall Hotel, tucked into the sweets and snacks on offer, and sat down for a talk with a motivational speaker. I actually found her talk really interesting- all about confidence and body language and the little quirks we all do when we’re nervous. She said Michelle Obama was the perfect example of exuding confidence through body language, and ever since then I’ve been telling myself to channel my inner Michelle Obama when I’m feeling more awkward than usual. Try it- it works.

After our chat, I nipped into the bedroom for my complimentary neck and shoulder massage. Sidenote- the De Montfort Suite of the hotel is amazing! With the scent of lavender in the air, I let the masseuse work the knots from my shoulders and zoned out for a delicious 20 minutes. I think I must have been a cat in a former life purely based on my love of all massages.

Kris Atomic - 0cd68768-3fb6-11e5-a89d-92ce347ad47a - Web

Kris Atomic - 9ffe1fcc-3fc7-11e5-a17f-92ce347ad47a - WebKris Atomic - dd69e49a-401c-11e5-accf-aee5d44592c4 - Web

After my massage, I had a go at candle making. It was pretty easy- I made a wick, stuck it inside a glass jar and added my chosen scented oil into it (I picked Rose) before pouring it into the jar to set. It also smelt suspiciously like Diptyque candles, so for that reason alone, I think I will have to take up candle making and save myself a fortune!

Part of the day was taking everything we had learnt about confident body language, and had a quick session with the photographer, Kris Atomic, to have our pictures taken inside the hotel.

This is the face of someone running on four hours sleep every night for the past week, channeling her inner Michelle Obama…if Michelle Obama had an epic hangover.

Kris Atomic - 086cb404-401f-11e5-8af3-92ce347ad47a - Web

Kris Atomic - e60775ca-401e-11e5-9b60-aee5d44592c4 - Web

All photos on this post are by Kris Atomic for The Apartment. They are so vibrant and really capture the mood of the Blogger Apartment! Relaxed, chilled and happy.

Kris Atomic - 208cc418-401d-11e5-83c1-aee5d44592c4 - Web

Another reason why I fell for the Town Hall Hotel…

Kris Atomic - 48cc80d2-3fc1-11e5-bb7f-aee5d44592c4 - Web

…Dizzy the resident hotel dog! She just up and wandered into our suite. What a legend…and a walking mascot for the #GetComfortable hashtag, clearly.

Thank you Canestan for having us, for a lesson on being comfortable in our own skin, and to The Aptmt for inviting me along! That frazzled bride to be sure needed it 😉

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

8 thoughts on “Comfort at the Town Hall Hotel”

  1. I had never given candle making much thuoght, but after giving it a go, it’s something I really enjoyed and would like to take up! I spend so much on candles- this seems much more fun and worthwhile 🙂


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