A Morocco Mini-Moon

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ello from Marrakesh! It’s absolutely scorching here- a balmy 35c in the morning, yikes! It was a bumpy start to our mini moon- moments before we were to board our plane, I had a panic attack! Crazy. I’ll save that story for another day, because for now, we’re here!




Our wedding day went by in a blur, it’s amazing to think how much a year’s planning goes by in a flash. But still, definitely worth it despite the times I wailed that we should have eloped instead.

We’re out here in Morocco for a few days, for a mini-moon, deciding to save for our ‘proper’ honeymoon until next year. One of the reoccurring words of advice I was given was that we really ought to book a break away for a few days because we’d be exhausted after the wedding. They were all right of course.


We are staying at Le Cinq Djellabas, a luxury boutique resort about 15 minutes outside of Marrakesh. There are only 10 bungalows on site, spread out over a large olive orchard. As our plane came into landing, the landscape was a hue of terracotta and earthy colours but in here, everything is green. And there are 2 cats roaming around, so, you know- heaven for me.



At lunch we cooled off with some orange sorbet and it was no word of a lie, the most refreshing, delicious treat in the world. Sitting here by the pool, in this peace and quiet (and a little sandstorm!) is just what I needed.


So, here’s to desert adventures!

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

7 thoughts on “A Morocco Mini-Moon”

  1. I hope you’re having the best time! I found that when we were in Marrakech everything is terracotta and doesn’t look much from the outside, but you wander into buildings and courtyards and find the most amazing green oasis! I loved that about the city! Enjoy! xx


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