I’m getting married in the morning!

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]ell, the afternoon to be precise. Guys. This is it. At three o’clock on Saturday, I’ll be walking down that aisle. I can’t believe how fast a year has gone by. And how we’ve planned this for an entire year! A year! I rarely plan our grocery shopping a week ahead, so this does feel like some kind of epic achievement. It doesn’t seem that long ago that I told you guys that we had gotten engaged in Thailand, and by the time this post goes live, I will be en route to my hotel in South Kensington for the weekend.

I’ve rarely slept earlier than 3am this week, my head swimming with worries and details. I legit had a near breakdown over confetti. CONFETTI. Someone told me that I will look back at these days running up to the wedding with fondness, which makes me think “great, this red zit between my eyes is forever immortalised” because when you get little sleep and stress over confetti, breakouts happen.

But to be honest, I have a feeling that person is correct. I’ve been overwhelmed by the help my family and friends have offered to us. There was a spontaneous late night run to a 24 Hour Tesco, where we bought all of the lemons and limes and about eleventy billion bottles of Tonic water. I had a rare quiet moment to myself when I got a mani pedi on Wednesday. And my darling, gorgeous nephews who had me in stitches on Sunday as we practised how they’d walk down the aisle for me (it ended with some twerking, just FYI)

Our friends and family outside of London have started to arrive and suddenly this all feels very real! Again, so many overwhelming feelings that all these people are making this trip just for us. I’m not sure how I will handle seeing everyone I know and love in one room as the thought alone leaves me with a lump in my throat.

We leave for our mini honeymoon on Tuesday and I plan to switch off (except maybe Instagram, because no way can I go full on cold turkey over that) but I should have a couple of posts scheduled to fill the gap a teensy bit.

We’ve had many adventures these past 12 years and this is our biggest one yet!

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

24 thoughts on “I’m getting married in the morning!”

  1. You’re going to love it so much.
    I got married two years ago and it is by far my favourite memory. Walking down that aisle is just insane and magical, and time will just stop still and you’ll be so unimaginably happy.
    And all those little details, you won’t even remember why you were so panicked because no one will notice – they’ll all be caught up in the happiness of the day!

    Have fun, and remember to pause every so often and take it all in because the day is going to whirl by you!

    Rach // illustratedteacup.com


  2. Oh so excited for you Angela! Wishing you both the greatest possible day, sure it’ll be a dream come true! This will be me in a couple of weeks, eeeek!! xx


  3. Have the BEST day!! No matter what happens with the confetti, or even if something goes horribly wrong with all that tonic water, just remember how luck you are to have found someone you love. Enjoy switching off for your honeymoon! x



  4. I hope that you have a wonderful day, and no matter what happens remember that even the biggest disasters are fine when you have the right person beside you to hold your hand. x


  5. SUPER DUPER EXCITED FOR YOU LOVE! xxx Have a fantastic rest day today and don’t worry about a thing. You will be absolutely fine. When everything else fails or if you’re in a panic just remember the many billion reasons why you said “Yes” in the first place! x


  6. Oh my gosh Angela!!! I can’t believe it’s come around so quickly! Have an incredible wedding day and massive congratulations to you both!

    C x | Lux Life


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