Beside the seaside in Rye

[dropcap]L[/dropcap]ast week I wrote about the picnic we had up in Camber Sands, and how we spent a beachy couple of hours by the sea. The next day, we had some time to wander around in the next town over, in Rye, where we were staying. Rye is, without a doubt, one of the prettiest little towns I’ve ever been to. It’s  all picture perfect cobbled side streets, ivy covered walls and charming shop fronts. Rye has some serious Stars Hollow style charm about it and I can only imagine what it must be like during Autumn and even Christmas time. Bleary eyed and awoken by the sound of seagulls, we went out to make the most of our short time here.

Old Pottery building Rye

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Rye The Runcible Spoon

That white wooden panelled cottage was right next door to our hotel and had yellow flowers blossoming on it’s doorstep. All I have on my own doorstop in London are the remnants of my neighbour’s recycling on bin day.

Rye Clock Tower Srch Clock Archway Rye Archway in Rye

Our hotel was on top of a hill that led into the main high street of Rye. You had to drive under this medieval stone archway towards it. And yet another pretty looking cottage next to the archway that I gazed dreamily at!

The Old Bell pub Rye

Rye Shop Fronts

Zara Green Maxi Skirt The Awkward Blog

There are loads of antique shops up and down the street and so many pretty cafes and tea rooms that I wish we had more time to stop at. There were also art galleries and an independent cinema next door to the church- where you can walk up to the top and see the views over the hill and out towards the sea.

Rye Town Centre

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Rye Sweet Shop

There was a old sweet shop that we walked past that had shelves from floor to ceiling with old sweet classics; rosy apples, cola bottles, rhubarb and custards. They were sold by the weight and placed in separate paper bags, served by two older gentleman behind the counter.

Craft Magic Rye

This shop wasn’t open, but oh the possibilities…

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Rye is the capital of dreamy cottages. My hanging baskets wither away! It’s like Rye has been blessed by the Jolly Green Giant- everything was just vibrant, thriving and green here.

Rye Lodge Hotel

Rye Vintage Car

Rye, you are a beauty.

It’s so picturesque and a perfect getaway from the griminess of London.

We stayed at the Rye Lodge Hotel, which I recommend. It has onsite parking, a pool, a great view and location- and is utterly charming (just like the town it’s in!)

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

9 thoughts on “Beside the seaside in Rye”

  1. Beautiful photographs!
    If you stand outside the Ryle Lodge and look across to the wind turbines you would have seen my old studio, if was just over the bridge on your way to Camber Sands. Also, Craft Magic is an amazing shop and that hill is the best one in the world to sledge down when we have snow down here. I’m so glad you enjoyed yourself in what what I like to see as my little corner of the UK. 🙂

    Erin | cd


  2. you are so lucky! It’s a beautiful place! I wish Craft Magic was open, it was just too quirky to pass up. That hill was really steep- I also had a stand off with a seagull on it too! (it stood there looking at me, refusing to budge)


  3. Hi Angela – what a lovely blog you have. I’m just getting started with my own (Gin and Giraffes) and it’s so inspiring coming across gorgeous blogs like yours. I look forward to checking back in regularly!


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