Where is the year going?! I can’t believe we’re nearing the end of July, and with it, another round up of the fabulous sponsors in my sidebar. A month ago, the end of July seemed so very far away and now here we are just about to enter full blown August territory…although jacket weather this morning? Hello? Sort it out Great British weather, come on. Next week is our wedding- I can’t believe it! It has just zoomed by faster than I can snap my fingers. Amidst all the planning chaos, one of the few things keeping me sane were my daily reads of Honey, Jaclyn, Angie and Anna’s blogs. Let’s get stuck in…


The Girl Next Shore


I first met Honey through a Nuffnang event a couple of years ago where we spent the evening pelting one another with colourful powder for Holi- I’ve been following her blog ever since! (It also turned out we had a mutual friend that I grew up with- small world!) I love Honey (and not just because she does things like this) but in real life, she’s just as effortlessly cool and articulate as her blog voice. This month I’ve lived vicariously through her Saint-Tropez trip (seriously, why did this not cross my mind as a Honeymoon option?) and made notes to get myself a booking down at the Jar Kitchen (DOUGHNUTS). I really value what she has to say about a restaurant, because it’s as if it’s coming from a friend and not a paper review. And because I am all about the wedding fever at the moment, this video got me all kinds of excited and happy- stunning! Give my ASEAN sister a read, you will love it.


Bumpkin Betty


Jaclyn writes one of my favourite blogs of all time. Design-wise, it is killer! And so is her fashion sense. I often find myself going ooh, I want that when she puts an outfit post up. Case in point here with this red, white and blue combo! (plus, red shoes…that will always sway me) If you’re into Life Lately posts (*ahemME*) then you’ll like catching up with her over her Five Things of the Week series. Her latest one contains some pretty Christian Louboutin finds– which is another thing, she always finds the best stuff! I’ve always leaned more towards the wordier style of blogs, and Jaclyn seems to have the best balance of telling both a good story and a great photo- the best of both worlds. If you haven’t read Bumpkin Betty, you need to go and rectify that immediately!


Silverspoon London


Three times the charm! I’ve so enjoyed hosting Angie on my sidebar again this month! Silverspoon London has had a recent spruce up and it is looking fab. This month Angie has been lunching at Claridges, to reviewing The World’s End Market in Chelsea (which looks like a nice, relaxing date spot!) Now that British Summer time has disappeared (seriously, summer, where has it run away to?) I can’t wait to see what Angie gets up to on her next wanderlust adventure in Bali! There’s always something to dip into on her blog, which just so happens to be my two favourite things- food and travel. Honestly, if you need some travel inspiration, have a dig around Angie’s Travel list and tell me you won’t get the urge to run out and buy a Lonely Planet guide!


Anna in Wonderland


I recently met Anna at the Salmontini brunch last month and it was one of those moments which just highlighted how great blogging can really be at connecting people. An American expat in London, a PHD student, an author of three books, and a Shih Tzu (called Eugene! his face) too boot, and I thought I was busy! My favourite post this month is probably the one about the Cereal Killer cafe in Camden (try saying that three times!) Coming from a girl who has been known to eat cornflakes for dinner and Cocoa Pops for ‘dessert’…well, how could I not love it? Anna also writes a Blogging Tips series; very handy, especially if you’re a new blogger!


So, as a blog celebration of my upcoming nuptials next week, ALL advertising spots in my sidebar have 25% off with the discount code WEDDINGBELLS Yep, all of them– Gold, Silver and Bronze packages. Head over to my Passionfruit page, and enter the code at the Checkout.

Guys, when I next write up my Sidebar Superstars post, I’ll be married. MIND BLOWN.

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London


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