Fruit picking at Parkside Farm

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]unday was the only day Robin and I would have a free day to do whatever we wanted. As we’re away or busy for the next two weekends, the weekend after that is when we get married (?!) so I decided that we would drive over to Parkside Farm in Enfield and do some strawberry picking. I’ve never been fruit and veg picking before- and with strawberry season over in August, I wanted to hop down to the farm as soon as possible!

Parkfield Farm Pick Your Own Fruit

Parkside Farm Pick Your Own Strawberry Picking 2

Parkside Farm Pick Your Own 5

You don’t have to go far to get to Parkside Farm- it sits just on the outskirts of Enfield in North London and only took us about 20 minutes to drive to (if you aren’t driving, take the Piccadilly line  to Cockfosters and it’s a short cab journey from there) The fields were busy with families, picnicking in the fields or running in between the rows of strawberries. I think next time we’ll try go first thing in the morning at 9am, as it was puh-retty busy when we arrived just after lunch.

You collect a basket for your berries and white plastic bags for the vegetables and then you’re free to roam around to pick your own fruits and vegetables. There are sign posts everywhere to direct you to the different fields and crops to head towards. The most popular were the strawberries and even though it was busy, we still managed to fill a punnet full of them.

Parkside Farm Pick Your Own Strawberries

Parkside Farm Pick Your Own 6

Parkside Farm Pick Your Own Fruit Fields

How gorgeous was the weather over the weekend? It was so sunny and the clouds looked extra fluffy over the rolling green fields, it was just the perfect day to be outside. We weren’t even that far from home but it felt like we were in the middle of the countryside, far away from the city. Robin dropped a little bombshell that he used to pick fruit when he was a kid to earn extra pocket money- the first I have heard of this after 12 years together!

After our strawberry hunt, we went to the crop of blackcurrants…although after popping a few in my mouth and realising how sour they were, we went to get some vegetables instead.

Parkside Farm Pick Your Own Fruit and Vegetables

Parkside Farm Pick Your Own Fields

Parkside Farm Pick Your Own Beans

We picked up some broad beans…(although I was more interested in the daisies)

Parkside Farm Pick Your Own Beans 2

Parkside Farm Pick Your Own Beans 3

Parkside Farm Pick Your Own Courgettes

…and then some green beans, before we finally hit the courgette patch. You aren’t allowed to pick ones under 15cm but the further up the field we went, we discovered the biggest courgettes I have ever seen. They were the size of a rolling pin! It was just really cool getting to pick the beans off the plant, brush off the dirt, and know that they’d end up on our dinner plates this week. Talk about fresh and organic.

Parkside Farm Pick Your Own 3

Parkside Farm Pick Your Own 4

Parkside Farm Pick Your Own Farm Tractors

Parkside Farm Pick Your Own View

After you’ve picked all your fruit and veg, you head back to the farm shop where they weigh everything at the till. All of our strawberries and vegetables came to just under £10- we probably didn’t need 4 gigantic courgettes though. The farm also sells it’s own honey, boxes of gooseberries, meringues and ice cream, so once you’ve picked your fruit you can grab a picnic bench and snack on your berries straight away.

Parkside Farm Pick Your Own Giant Courgettes

…or marvel at the giant courgettes you’ve just picked.

Courgetti for days.

The produce is seasonal, so if you fancy picking your own this season, keep an eye on the Parkside Farm crop calendar so you can check what’s available to pick. The blackberries and plums weren’t quite ready on our visit, but just you wait until Autumn!

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

15 thoughts on “Fruit picking at Parkside Farm”

  1. I was actually thinking of you when we went! I thought you’d like it!

    I loved it, we’re definitely coming back to pick other things throughout the year. The strawberries were finished last night when we got home- they were so sweet we almost didn’t need the melted chocolate to dip them in! x


  2. These photos are lovely! They reminded me of the time I went strawberry picking I was probably in second grade, oh how times goes by!


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