fancy new headphones from Sennheiser Momentums

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]eadphones- an important piece of armour when battling your way round London. For me, anyway! Pop them on, press play on your favourite playlist and it makes those slow walkers in front of you just that little bit more bearable. I’m always self conscious on the tube though that the person next to me can tell I’m listening to a guilty pleasure *ahemTaylorSwift* playlist. I was sent these Sennheiser headphones to test out and let me tell you- turn the volume up and have no shame, because nothing is escaping from these babies.

Sennheiser Headphones Monmouth Street

Within the box, in a beautiful suede pouch, were the Ivory coloured set of foldable headphones (they come in Black and Brown too) I was glad when I put them on that they were comfy and sitting snugly on my head. In the past, I’ve found that earphones just wouldn’t stay put and other headphones felt too clunky on me. I know, I know, I’m the Goldilocks of Headphones- too small, too big- but these, these are just right.

I took them for a little test drive and met Ismay for some post work G&T’s at Scoff & Banter in Covent Garden. They folded nicely into my handbag, the cable wasn’t overly long and didn’t get tangled up in my shoulder strap and neither did they slip off my head. I’m pretty sure no one could tell what I was listening to, even when I amped up the volume.

Public outing test- tick!

Sennheiser Headphones Laptop Work

At home, I used them to plug into my laptop to help me put together my wedding song playlist and also in my attempts at trying to pick out a song to walk down the aisle to. They were handy to zone out and and get lost into the labyrinth that is Spotify (as well as blocking out all sporting things that Robin watches on TV)

It comes with a smart remote that does all the same functions as the ones from Apple- voice command when you want to use Siri, skip or rewind through songs and pick up calls whilst you’re plugged in (and you can hear the other person so much better)

I love these- genuinely, I do. There’s no pinching, no adjusting to get anything to stay in place, and they look pretty slick too. Pop down to John Lewis- at £169.95 the cost per use for the Sennheiser Momentum’s will soon catch up, but they also make more affordable models from £30.

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

8 thoughts on “fancy new headphones from Sennheiser Momentums”

  1. I always liked the look of these style of headphones- something retro looking that work well too. I played the ‘can you hear it now?” game with Robin and I was so surprised that no sound escaped! Big bonus was the cable length because I am that person who will get tangled up in everything!


  2. Haha I’m the same way! I have a few pairs of headphones, but I generally use my beats for walking around and traveling, but the cord is RIDICULOUS lengths. It comes in handy as an aux cord when teaching though… still it’s a little ridiculous!


  3. Ooh now those Sennheiser headphones are snazzy and not bulky like some. Found you via #30plusblogs so have dropped in to say hello x


  4. I wore headphones only once, and then got abused because I didn’t hear the person behind me on the bus (I was standing in the aisle) say excuse me. never again… hahaha.

    Megan || Oh Hey! blog


  5. i had a couple of kids crash into me coming off the tube and exasperated I half shouted “KIDS, COME ON!”….pretty sure they had some choice words back to me but I couldn’t hear a thing….hah!


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