an evening at Strada by the riverside

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hat if I told you that one of the nicest spots for an Italian meal, overlooking Tower Bridge, with great views over the River, and a stone’s throw away from City Hall- was Strada? Well, there you go. I made my way over to Strada on More London Riverside last week, to taste their new menu items and flip some pizza dough into the air.

I was so blown away by the location that I was a few minutes late as I just had to take a million photos of Tower Bridge! It didn’t help that it was a beautifully sunny day because nothing beats London in the sunshine!

Tower Bridge London

More London Riverside 2

Tower Bridge London 2

After hurrying into Strada, I was led upstairs where an area had been cordoned off for the blogger soiree. Floor to ceiling glass windows made this venue one of the prettiest I’ve ever been to! I wonder if Boris can look into it from his office next door in City Hall?

A Set Menu had been provided so we knew what food was going to be presented to us, however it was when these glossy green olives were placed on our table, just for nibbles, that I knew the rest of the meal was sure to be cracking.

Strada Restaurant Olives

These juicy nocerella olives were wonderful- and I’m not even a fan of olives. They had all the flavour of extra virgin olive oil and even me, the olive dodger, enjoyed nibbling on these.

I was so engrossed in chatting to everyone that what I assumed were starters was in fact, just little tasters to try before any of our meal was served!

We had…

Buffalo Mozarella Tomato Starter Strada Restaurant

…Caprese salad with the sweetest tomatoes topped with Buffalo Mozarella, with a dash of olive oil and basil.

Prosciutto and Mozzarella crostini

Burrata and prosciuto served on a crispy piece of toasted bread (which in fact reminded me of the delicious crostinis I tried at Augustus Harris last year)

Pea Risotto Strada

Pea Risotto…

Steak bites Strada

…a bite of medium rare steak with parmesan, basil and tomato…

Veal Escalope Strada

…and finally, a little serving of breaded Veal

And that was all before our Starters even arrived. I know.

After a quick photo to show off our personalised Strada aprons, we stood around and watched some pizza making action…

Strada Bloggers London Pic

Pizza Dough Chef Strada London

Pizza Demo Strada London

We watched the chef knead the dough into shape, flip it in the air and then topped off the pizza pie with a scoopful of thick tomato sauce. A couple of the others got to give it a whirl themselves before they were taken off to bake in a oven at 280 degrees! (Mine only goes up to 250, yikes!)

When we sat back down, our orders from the set menu were taken and our wine glasses refilled…

Wine Strada London

Starters were…

Prosciutto Rockett and Balsamic Starter Strada

Prosciutto Involtini which had prosciutto, mozzarella cheese, rocket and a sticky balsamic sauce on the side.

Fish Fritti with Tartare sauce Strada London

For my mains I ordered the Fish Fritti- batttered rings of squid, salmon, seabass and courgette, with a side of lemon and tartar sauce.

My second stomach for dessert (I swear it’s a thing) couldn’t wait to have the Tiramisu for pudding…but not before we got a palate cleansing lemony cheesecake to try first!

Cheesecake Strada London

Tiramisu Strada Dessert

…and both were delicious (and demolished!)

Strada Bloggers London 3

I was so impressed with the food that Strada had kindly served to us. The meat was all British sourced, and the salads were fresh and flavourful too- absolutely nothing that you would associate with a chain restaurant, and certainly on par with some ‘authentic’ Italian eateries I’ve been to before.

Tower Bridge at night London

London skyline at night

HMS Belfast sunset

Leaving Strada behind me, I walked back to the station, just as the lights lit up along the River. If there’s one thing that can beat London in the sunshine, it’s walking on a warm Summer’s evening at sunset, along the River.

Author: Angela Shek

just a clueless mama in East London

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